Tuesday, 17 February 2015

RECIPE | Healthy Banana Pancakes.

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A little extra post from me this week as today is Pancake day - one of the reasons I love this time of year! Eating pancakes for dinner is living the dream isn't it?! My problem is that I have kind of over indulged lately so personally I will be making a much healthier version of pancakes tonight and thought I would share the recipe with you in case you fancied doing the same too.

It is really easy.

1 cup self raising flour
1 cup (same cup) of rice or oat milk
1-2 ripe banana(s)
1 egg
1 apple.

This method is based on Jamie Oliver's genius method, genius because it is so bloody easy and works!

Take a regular cup whatever size you wish, fill it right to the top (level off any excess) with the self raising flour. Add to your mixing bowl.

Pour your milk into the same cup up to the same point you measured the flour up to so there is exactly the same amount and pour into the same mixing bowl. (Now I use rice milk because I hardly have dairy but you of course can use regular milk, however, if you want to be healthier, then rice milk doesn't compromise the taste or texture so I recommend!) 

Crack your egg into the bowl and mix the ingredients together, slow at first then quicker as it smoothes.

Mash up your banana(s) and when squished, add to the mix and stir in.

Peel the apple and finely grate the 'flesh' into the mixture to sweeten.

(You could also add cinnemon if you want to make it even sweeter, I don't have much of a sweet tooth so like this mix)

Add coconut oil to your pan on a high heat (or butter if you don't have that) and when its hot and the oil has melted, ladle in the mix and make your pancakes.


These are so nice and I make lots of variations with chopped strawberries and blueberries (which are Savannah's favourites for breakfast!).

You can serve with whatever you wish although if you are trying to be healthy I would recommend natural yoghurt and honey or a bit more fruit.

I hope you have a lovely pancake day and eat lots and lots! I know I will.



  1. Must give these a try! Mmmmmmm!

  2. Definitely giving these a try some time! x

    1. Definitely do because they are quick and easy and you could add in whatever you wanted! xx

  3. I keep seeing recipes about banana pancakes and I literally can't wait to give them a go - this is such an easy recipe too!

    Sammy xo.


    1. Oh really? haha. I didn't realise I was jumping on a trend but can understand why people are raving about them! so easy! xx


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