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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

BLOGGING | To write or not to write?

Every blogger will know that now and then you get hit with the dreaded 'writers block' or even worse 'can't be arsed-itis'. It is a cruel and crippling illness that strikes at any time without any given warning and has left many a blogger and indeed writer, left with the inability to type a decent sentence. 

This has been me this week, actually probably the last couple of weeks if I am honest and up until yesterday I was making the old mistake of trying to push through it and write a blog post to ensure I was still publishing regularly. Fool! I have told myself I would never ever do this again when feeling uninspired and yet still I did it. Part of me actually didn't realise I was even feeling that way but the other - more logical - part of my brain realised a short time ago and kept silent, choosing instead to stand in the corner, shaking it's bowed head in shame.

So what is the right thing to do when you feel this way? Should you push through or should you take a blog break? Maybe our brains need time to reload ideas and so go not a kind of 'cool down mode' for a week or so just like all our gadgets tend to do when they have been overused. I find it so hard and nothing AT ALL inspires me when I feel this way. Even if I am full of blogging ideas like my head is at the moment, I sit in front of my screen and just think 'blah'. If I do start to write I inevitably delete most if not all of what I have written. I just feel that my head is empty and there is nothing I can do to change  it. I just look at a blank screen where an amazing blog post should be and sigh.

The other thing that I feel causes this is the pressure to blog regularly. I don't class myself as a well established blogger, I am ok but there are other bloggers out there who are far better at their game than me whether it is through hard work or sheer natural talent (or both!) and they have a big enough following to be able to pick and choose what days of the week they blog on. I used to do that however this year, I want to approach my blog with a more professional head (and a more natural, honest one in terms of my content) I decided I would ensure I posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that any potential business or future followers would see that I am committed to my blog and post regularly on the same days of the week. What happens though when you have nothing to say? As I just said I am not a huge blogger so I don't go to lots of glam events regularly, I am not beauty blogger so don't have new beauty must haves to talk about and while I am a fashion addict and love buying new clothes my budget is a bit tighter than what it was these days so new clothes are a bit more rare. I told myself I was going to write much more freely and just as if I were writing in a diary as sometimes I feel I write utter crap and don't put all of 'me' into my words as much as I want because I am worried about what people who read it may think. More than anything, what people who know me will think. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not planning on writing anything jaw droppingly shocking but what I am saying is if you put your heart and soul into a post that means a lot to you, you leave yourself open to all kinds of comments whether they are good, bad or just downright nasty. I also always wonder what people who know me in real life and who may read my blog really think: Do they cringe if a post is too honest? Do they wonder what the actual point of blogging is? Do they get annoyed seeing tweet after tweet talking about my latest blog post and why they should go and read it? Or do they enjoy it? Do they like reading the words of someone they know or do they enjoy the content? I always focus on the negative in every aspect of life, I assume people will not like me or things won't work out, I assume I won't be good at something or I won't enjoy this or that. I always think the worst and I do so also with my blog but, as I have said before on here, changing my thought process into more positive thinking is my main goal for 2015. 

That includes my blog.


  1. I think taking a break is a good thing. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to blog regularly because we feel we have too but when its just a hobby we should enjoy it and not feel like we have to write a post when we don't want too.
    I didn't blog for most of last year and have come back to it with a fresh head and different view and I am really enjoying it again. x

    1. I didn't blog for most of last year either! I do think sometimes either life gets in the way or you just burn out a bit and need the break. it definitely does you good. xx


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