Thursday, 5 March 2015

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I feel as though I haven't written about myself on here for such a long time! How are we all? Ok? This last week has felt as though Spring is well and truly on it's way - wahoo! Finally! The mornings are light when we get up at 6.30 so it no longer feels like the middle of the night and going for village walks with Savannah are so much more pleasant in the sunshine rather than under a grey sky.

Talking of Savannah, my little bambino is going to be one next weekened - ONE! Where has that year gone?! I think a switch is flicked as soon as you become a parent to make the months speed by even faster than they already were.

It is also Mothers Day on her birthday so after her swimming lesson we are having close family over for afternoon tea. I am very excited! It is quite nice to combine 2 special days although ultimately it will be Savannahs day. All I want as a Mothers Day pressie is a lay in!

All the plans are coming together nicely, I know what sandwiches I am going to make, my mum is making scones and Savannahs birthday cake is ordered. I have also ordered a couple of personalised banners. I can't wait although I am pretty sure I will shed a tear or two when we sing 'Happy birthday' to her.

Aside from that there isn't much else to report. We went to Liverpool the other week to see Queen and Adam Lambert which I vlogged about on my YouTube channel, I have also been out for dinner with my two bessie mates to celebrate one of them getting engaged on Valentines day - congrats Nic!

Hope you are all having a lovely March so far and hope you also have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I am loving this spring like weather too, makes everyone happier I think. I hope Savannah has a lovely first birthday. xx


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