Wednesday, 4 March 2015

LIFE | Whats with women hatin on women?

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We women can be our own worst enemies and I say this with my hands up, as I too am a woman who can sometimes be her own worst enemy. We are of course, all allowed opinions, that is one of the great perks of this free world we live in however I can't help but think women are bitches.

Aren't they though?

So quick to criticise, pass judgement, make assumptions, they can't give the benefit of the doubt or just let something go.

I have realised this a lot more since becoming a mum; people are quick to disagree with your ideas or your thoughts or plans about your child, children or even future children. Why can't we just let it be? everyone is different, that is what makes the world go round. Yes, I would be lying if I said there wasn't times I cringed at certain things other mothers may do or not agree with other things another mother may do but you know what? they probably would do the same at some things I do, because we are different people. So long as the children involved are happy, healthy and being looked after is all that matters. Am I right?

I get comments because I am stay at home mum, I get comments because I want to wait a while and enjoy time with Savannah before having my next baby:

"That's not fair, they wouldn't be friends''

''You can't leave it too long or you might not have another''

Just a couple of examples there for you to enjoy.

It isn't just mothers though, it is women in general. Magazines and online articles are written by women about women dressing them down and highlighting one tiny little flaw that to the rest of us is just called being normal. Some people would say it is a good thing and proves that all celebrities are 'normal' but I just think highlighting a small, insignificant flaw and making it out to be a huge deal makes the every day folk like myself feel worse about the many (natural) flaws we have.

The world is getting vainer and vainer though isn't it with social media, reality TV, selfies and all that but that's a whole other blog post.

I just think people need to think kinder thoughts and give people the benefit of the doubt more. I am just the same, I can make assumptions quickly sometimes but am always thinking that I mustn't anymore. You never know someones full story and you wouldn't want someone to judge you.

I have a really great example actually:

Family friends of ours were away on holiday; Parents, children, grandparents blah blah blah. They were at Centre Parcs I think, anyway, the mother had her youngest in his pushchair and was pushing him around or queuing up or something and she heard two women talking about her saying how 'that boy was far too old to be being pushed about and should be walking.' Luckily the lady I know isn't backwards in coming forwards and turned to confront them. She asked them how old they thought he was to which they replied 'four'.

He is two.

His Dad is like 6 foot 7 or something and he is obviously going to be the same. They apologised and scurried on their merry way but it just proves the point that making assumptions is wrong. I know I have done it before and no doubt a few years ago had I seen a boy who looked four in a pushchair would have passed comment but I don't want negative thoughts in my head anymore. There isn't any need for it really is there?

Everyone should just try to be bit nicer. You will feel happier for it. :)

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