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MOTHERS DAY | Gift Ideas with HomeSense.

Mothers Day, 2015, March 15th 2015, HomeSense

Happy Monday you lovely people, I hope you had a brilliant weekend! We had so much sunshine here in Essex - finally. It was amazing to be in the garden and get it all tidy after winter, take Savannah to the park to play on the swings for the first time and generally just feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. When we got out from Savannah's swimming lesson on Sunday afternoon and the sky was suddenly grey and there was a chilly breeze I was shocked and gutted. I hope it is sunny again this week! I especially hope it is sunny on Savannah's first birthday this weekend. I am doing high tea to combine her birthday with mothers day and it will be lovely if the sun is shining in the conservatory while we are enjoying a bucks fizz or piece of cake.

Yep, you heard me right - it is Mothers day this weekend. I for one cannot wait as even though, for me, it will predominantly be Savannah's birthday however I have told my husband I do reeeeeeally want a lay in. You gotta get what you can right?! I have also hinted at a few gift ideas in case he does decide to treat me....

It can be hard to know what to buy the hard working Mum in your life whether that mum is your mum or your loved one but in the modern world we live in there is such a vast range of ideas whether it be a gift card, something to do with fashion or the home. Today I want to talk to you about the latter:

I have spoke about HomeSense a few times before now and each time they contact me to talk about their latest ranges I am always flattered because I really love shopping at their store; their designs and creations are unique and right up my street. They stock pretty things, unusual things, quirky things and all in between. There are plenty little cute finishing touches that will finish off Mum's home nicely or add a little something extra to her already perfect home.

When it comes to gifts for mothers day I think something that reflects who they are as a person always works best, something that shows you have taken notice of what they enjoy and reflects well in your gift. As a mum who works hard for her family, to know they have listened to me or they have noticed what I am currently enjoying or wanting to do in the home means a lot. My home and how it looks means a lot to me which is why I am always more than happy to receive new little nic nacs!

Here are some of my favourites from HomeSense's latest range:

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Check out more at

If you haven't visited one of their stores yet and love accessorising your home I suggest you visit one soon!

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