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RECIPE | Smoked Salmon Linguine.

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I have another recipe for you today. I apologise that the photo isn't of the best quality - it was taken on my phone and posted on Instagram and one of the comments on said photo was from the lovely Bee who blogs at and she asked for the recipe. Because of that I thought I would pop it up on here in case anyone else fancied giving it a go because it is super quick and easy, the ingredients are minimal and most importantly it is DELICIOUS.

So if you ever fancy a quick and easy dinner or suddenly have people coming for dinner last minute and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, this is one to try.


Teaspoon of butter
3 large garlic cloves
Juice of one / one and half lemon(s)
Four heaped table spoons of natural yoghurt
Fresh parmesan (or cheddar)
Smoked salmon


First, cook your spaghetti according to the packets instructions.

After about five minutes of the spaghetti cooking, put a small pan onto a high heat and add the teaspoon of butter.

Oncr melted, turn heat down to medium, mince the garlic cloves then add to the pan. Add the lemon juice (little amounts at first so as not to overpower, you can add more if needed)

Add the natural yoghurt and grate in a generous amount of parmesan or if you only have cheddar (which most of the time is the case!) then add that. Stir in until melted.

Taste and make sure you are happy with the flavour. Season with black pepper if required or add more cheese or lemon juice if you feel it is needed.

Drain the spaghetti then put it back into the pan over a low heat, tear up the smoked salmon and mix in well.

Add the sauce (add a bit at first as you may find you won't need it all) and stir in well.
Grate on a little more parmesan and serve.

So delicious and so easy!

Let me know if you decide to try this recipe. Would love to know your thoughts - Happy Friday!

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