Monday, 20 April 2015

HEALTH | Falling off of the wagon.

This post should be called 'Falling off the wagon, being run over by said wagon only for it to reverse and run over me again' Why? Cause maaaan have I fallen off of the wagon. It has long wheeled off into the sunset; I have barely exercised and haven't been so good on the clean eating front either. I have also found myself drinking alcohol a lot more lately which I am blaming on the sunshine. When it is sunny and the evenings are long it just seems rude not to have a bottle of beer doesn't it?

I feel awful for it now though and am ready to get back to normal. I don't know how people eat junk all of the time because it makes me feel crappy. I get bloated and painful tummy aches, I feel lathargic and sluggish and most of all, I feel fat!

As of this week I have been back to exercising as my neck (which I badly injured a few weeks ago) is much better now and I want to get back to it. I want to lose a stone and I want to get in shape. I also want to build strength because I feel that the stronger I am the less likely I am to injure my neck again lifting Savannah.

Summer bodies are made in the winter as they say! (And winter is becoming a distant memory fast!!)


  1. I am with you with the bad food makes you feel crappy, I always feel disgusting after a few days of food binging. Good luck with getting back on track. xx

    1. I always feel as though I have put on a stone at least after a bit of bad eating! Thanks hun, been walking lots and lots and started running which is making me feel better.xx

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