Thursday, 2 April 2015

LIFE | A quick HELLO! (and sorry!)

Hello, hello!

This is just a quick blog post to say that I am sorry I haven't posted this week. I am laid up with a bad neck and shoulder which is currently making simple, every day tasks very hard and painful. Picking up Savannah is nigh on impossible and we have been house bound all week. My poor bubba must wonder whats going on!  I feel like a rubbish parent and keep worrying that she is bored. I planned such a productive week this week too.

I went to see an ostiopath yesterday, which was painful but it really helped. Last nights sleep was one of my most uncomfortable and painful this week but I knew that must mean my treatment was working and this morning I did feel a lot 'looser' and in less pain.

The ostiopath said the bones have locked in my neck (or something along those lines!) Perhaps from picking up Savannah or shopping, who knows! And the muscles etc around those bones have become inflamed which is why its so painful. I had my back and neck clicked for the first time in my life (which I was a bit nervous about enduring!) and she advised to apply lots of ice packs and gave me some stretches to do too.

I can't tell you how painful it has been this week, truly awful. I am shattered too from not being able to sleep properly and all that is topped off with the guilt of Savannah having been stuck indoors. She has had a bit if cold these last couple of days and needed more sleep anyway which worked out a good coincidence and we have had relatives visit to break up some of the days but it isn't the same as taking her out somewhere even if it is just to the park.

Anyway, Savannah goes down for a nap at about 11am and I think I will be too! I am hoping that all this resting will ensure I am feeling much better for the Easter weekend.

I should be back to normal next week and do have a YouTube video ready but can't seem to get it to upload at the moment which is frustrating! Will keep trying though.

Hope you have had a great week and habe a wonderful Easter!

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