Saturday, 11 April 2015

WELLBEING | Five ways you can naturally lift your mood.

We can all feel down from time to time can't we? Even the most positive people can find themselves feeling crappy for no reason but for some people it is much more of a frequent occurrence which can really affect your day to day tasks and day to day life.

Each and every one of us are different but coming from experience I find mine just hit me out of the blue no matter what is happening in my life and no matter what I do, sometimes I just cannot shift my dark mood. It is awful. I never feel inspired to do anything at all whether it is simply getting in the shower or emptying the dishwasher, even just going outside seems daunting. I find that all I want is to be on my own. The best way to describe how I feel is 'heavy' like I am suddenly carrying an extra weight around with me. Everything is an effort even standing. My eyes feel ready to burst with tears at any moment and any one little thing can set me off even something as simple as my husband asking me 'What's wrong?' It is awful. Day's like that are a waste of my life and I always just want them over with.

It doesn't have to be that way every time though. 

There are times when you can naturally lift your mood and ease those black feelings so that you can get on and enjoy your day rather than wishing it away. Here are what I have found help me out and I hope they can work for you too!

1) Drink lots of water.

This probably sounds a bit weird but keeping yourself hydrated makes you less likely to feel lethargic and with more energy you will hopefully want to make the most of your day.

2) Get up. Get Ready. Get out and don't think about it.

I find the more I sit around the more rubbish I feel and the more 'daunting' every day tasks become. Just getting ready can feel like a mammoth task that I don't want to face let alone getting out of the house. I find that getting up and getting ready straight away without a second thought is what works best. Don't let your mind wander and don't sit down and have your morning cuppa until you're showered and dressed. It makes the world of difference. 

3) Eat Good Food.

When I say good food I mean food that is good for you I'm afraid! junk food makes us feel lethargic and saps our energy so just like water, you want to eat food that make your body work better and that gives you the energy you need to get up and face the day.

4) Look in the mirror.

This is going to sound really weird but trust me, do this for a week and you will notice it makes a difference. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself, tell yourself you are going to have a good day and even tell yourself your best qualities even if it is something as silly as your cooking skills. It will seem odd at first but will soon start to feel normal and make you feel better about yourself. It will also help with your self confidence.

5) Exercise.

We are all told it is good for boosting our mood and take it from a self confessed exercise dodger - it really is! Do something you enjoy though, don't pressure yourself to run a marathon or partake in tough mudda just go for a long walk or try yoga or zumba. Anything that get's you moving will get your endorphins going and make you feel a lot better. I find that if I feel down and force myself to exercise I feel a lot better.Take time to try different types of exercise until you find one you enjoy. If you can't afford classes or the gym find videos on YouTube or kick a ball around the kids. Buy a skipping rope or jog. I don't ever pay for exercise! 

I hope these tips help. If you have any questions or any other suggestions then please get in touch!


  1. Great post! I am the same, I have to get up and out because if I sit around too long I start to overthink things. xx

    1. So many people don't understand do they? I hate it! Like something is always making me not want t go out and do stuff. Hard to get around it some days. xx

  2. Can't agree with you more, Nickie! Great and so very true tips.....These tips definitely help. I have experienced myself...Thank you for the awesome post!

    1. Aw thanks Epsita! Means a lot as these are always the more personal posts! :) xx


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