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Monday, 11 May 2015

BABY | Naked Photos are NOT OK.

For every parent, the sight of their naked baby is one of pure beauty and above all else innocence. That little bundle of perfectness, their cute squishy bums and their baby soft skin. They are beautiful.

I love Savannah with all my heart and everything she does amazes me or makes me laugh. If she is hurt it upsets me and if she is ill I want to make her better as quickly as possible. I want to gush about her all the time because she is my world and amazes me each day. I don't share too much about her though as I prefer to keep her (especially photos of her) offline. Firstly because I feel she is part of my private life so keep her there, but mainly because the internet can be a dark and creepy and twisted place and I don't want her images in the wrong place. Sound OTT? Maybe. But as my social media profile is so public I have found my images and YouTube videos being used without permission on tons of websites I have never ever heard of. When I first discovered this it creeped me out but now I just accept it is part of the world wide web and as much as you own the photos you take and put on your blog you still can't stop people pinching them. If they were photo's of Savannah however I would be fuming. No one else has the right the posess photo's of my baby but me. Sadly though the reality is that if someone wants your image then they will take it.

So why oh why oh WHY do parents put naked photos of their children on the internet?? Please someone, explain this to me because I do not see one viable reason why this is a sensible idea. Yes, I understand that to you, your bathing baby looks beautiful and surely nobody would look at that photo in any other way but the innocent image that it is right? WRONG. The internet is a child porn smorgesbord for sickos I am afraid and yeah ok your child naked in the bath might not be a hardcore image but it is still an image nonetheless. Your baby is still a person and they will grow into a toddler and then a child and then a teen and eventually an adult. Will they be happy to know photos of their private bath time were plastered all over the world wide web for all and sundry to see?

I was born in 1984 when the internet was not heard of but imagine if my mum - along with all the other mums - went to the local town hall with a naked bubba photo of me, pinned it on the wall with all the other mums' bubba photos there and some guy came along stared at it for a while then took it off the wall and put it in his pocket and left. My mum would be horrified. Any mum would. That village hall wall is the internet, only the whole world can obtain it not just a few local residents. Once it is online it cannot be deleted. Ok yes you can press delete but it is still out there. Like if you burn toast so you chuck it in the bin, the toast is gone and you can't see it anymore but the smell of burnt toast is still lingering. Your deleted photos linger.

I am not dissing mums who post photos of their children and babies, I am not dissing mummy and daddy bloggers because I enjoy reading their blogs very much. I go to the other extreme of pretty much keeping Savannah off of the internet because that is my personal preference and I am definitely not saying every person should do as I do, but surely some moments should be kept private?

No one needs to see baby willys and noonys in the bath. While we are at it no one needs to see snot photos or poo photos either. I go online to escape poo and snot not see more if it from a child that isn't mine.

You are the grown up and you are your childs protector. PROTECT THEM. 


  1. I put pictures up of Molly online but she is always fully clothed, no way would I put a naked one up. I completely understand why you don't put pics up of your little one though. I just find it the easiest way to share pics of Molly to my friends I don't see very often.

    1. I have a private instagram for friends and family which I share photos of Savannah on too, I just prefer not to under my blogger profile :) It is nice to share them and people enjoy seeing them don't they? Some moments are best left for you and your family though surely? And sasly it isn't about being horrible it is simply that the internet is not a safe place. Xx


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