Wednesday, 20 May 2015

BEAUTY | Lash Lift Treatment.

If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel, then you may well have seen my vlog a couple of months ago when I went for my first ever lash lift treatment with Vicky Rugg. If you aren't subscribed and want to see that particular video you can watch it on my channel now if you fancy.

Yesterday I went for another lash lift and was even more blown away by just how good it is, I mean LOOK ^^ - what a difference!

I will let you watch the video to find out much more detail about what the lash lift entails but basically it is a modern day version of the good old lash perm. You can chuck out your crappy eye lash curlers because this treatment is all you need, take it from someone who spends AGES putting on mascara. I make it look like an ancient art. Curling, curling, curling then gentle application, just the application of mascara alone could take me fifteen minutes or so. With a lash lift though all I have to do is apply mascara and that's it AND I know my lashes look ten times better than they do when I have spent fifteen minutes on them!

I am going to do a big feature on Vicky on here soon because she is SO talented and has come such a long way in building her business up. She works so hard and is very VERY good at what she does so if you live in the Basildon, Laindon, Brentwood, Billericay and surrounding areas of Essex, I suggest you get booking!

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