Wednesday, 6 May 2015

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Whenever I was browsing candles (OK Yankee Candles) I kept seeing wax tarts and wondering how good they were. I had read a few reviews by bloggers I knew were die hard Yankee lovers like myself but still wasn't convinced by them.

Surely for maximum scent you want the big candle right?

Well I was wrong.

I now have a Yankee wax burner in my possession and some lovely, pongy Yankee wax tarts and oh wow do they smell gooood! Not only that the scent fills the downstairs in my house. Add to that the fact wax tarts are only £1.49 each and you are onto a winner. The current scent I have burning away is Ocean Blossom, I have another one of those waiting in the wings for when this is finished plus 2 Bahama Breeze scents.Perfect scents for the summer months.

Also, to save a little bit more money I bought ASDA's own brand unscented large tea light style candles to burn in the wax burner because they last longer than the smaller ones (seemed a no brainer to me!). I have now been enjoying gorgeous, subtle scents for much longer and this makes me very happy indeed. How can a candle bring so much joy? I don't know but it does.

I received the wax burner and a selection of wax tarts from my sister in law which her mother had bought and never used. Sadly because she recently passed away, her father now had no use for them. My sister in law very kindly sent me the wax burner knowing I am a huge Yankee candle fan and donated lots of gift wrapped Yankee candles to charity including the hospice which looked after her mum and also to my husband's fundraising evening for St Lukes Hospice who looked after his late father (which is on the 22nd of this month). You will be pleased to know she did also keep some candles for herself!

So thank you Sarah for thinking of me and sending me a wonderful gift courtesy of your lovely late mother, I am enjoying my wax burner very much and look forward to trying out the other scents and leftover wax from previous large jar candles that I have put by.


  1. Aaaah, Yankee Candle wax tarts are my FAVOURITES! Sorry to hear about how you aquired them, but it's great to see you giving them a good home! :) A little tip is to pop the burner into the freezer to get the old wax out, give it 5 minutes and the old tart just comes straight out

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Love that line '5 minutes and the old tart comes straight out" :D hahaha! Great tip though, thank you very much! I was wondering how I would get rid of it....the wax tarts last for so long though don't they? Amazing! Xx


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