Monday, 4 May 2015


On Thursday I went to visit my dad for a few hours in the afternoon. My cue to leave came when Savannah grabbed her favourite blanket, stuck her dummy in her mouth and lay down across the living room floor. Knowing I had a few errands to do on the way home I got us packed up in the car and off we went.

I never got those errands done though because as I neared home, I turned into a busy road not far from where I live and saw a British bull terrier dog on the corner wandering around. There are no paths on this road but it is surrounded by fields (plus there are houses not too far away) and initially I couldn't see any person on foot that could be the dogs owner.

I drove down the road for a couple of seconds umming and arring what to do then saw a little dip in the grass verge I would fit into so without hesitation, pulled in. I was a but unsure on my plan because I had no clue as to this dog's temperament and had Savannah in the car with me but all I knew was I would not stop thinking about that poor dog if I carried on driving.

It became clear very quickly that she was very tame and friendly, when I showed interest in her and got her to follow me back to the car she happily did and showed signs of being well trained. A lovely lady pulled up to see if I needed help and if it was my dog and when I explained the situation, she cruised behind me until I got the dog back to my car so no other cars could spook her or even worse, knock her down. She even sat behind me for a minute or so to see if I was OK before driving on her way.

I called the Dog's Trust and they gave me the number for the local dog warden who I called up and gave my details and whereabouts to. By this point my new friend had made herself very comfortable in the passenger foot well of the car. There she stayed too, content and calm. Savannah was great too - because she had been tired and can get bored in her car seat I thought she may grumble but I gave her some of her toys and she was fine, she happily played and didn't complain once.

I probably got a phone call about ten minutes later from the dog warden telling me she was on her way so didn't have to wait too long... 20 minutes overall maybe just a bit more.

When she arrived she scanned her for a chip and noticed the scars on her foot and body that I had noticed too. She advised that if her owners were not found she would be re-homed but that I would be phoned and kept updated, in the meantime she would be taken back to the rescue for a nice bath.

So I said my goodbyes to my new and brief roadside friend and hoped she understood what was going on. I hope that if - worse case scenario - she was abandoned, she wasn't abused or made to feel unwanted. More than anything I hope she is just lost.

I will keep you updated as and when I hear... if I hear. I will most definitely chase up actually if I don't hear anything because I will want to know how she is. 

I will need to know she is OK.


  1. Aaah, bless you for stopping and helping the poor pooch! Let me know if anyone rings up to claim her! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. I haven't heard anything :( thinking I need to ring up when I get a mo but part of me is scared to! Would be upset if I was told she hadn't been claimed xx

  2. her..hope she finds her way back to her owner's house. Love & Blessings to her<3

    1. I hope the owners claimed her too! Would be sad if she had been abandoned. Xx


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