Thursday, 14 May 2015

LIFE UPDATE | Snails, Goodbye sis in law and freelance writing.

I obviously don't need to explain why it is nice when the sun is shining, everything just seems better even if it is the monotonous journey to work. Because it has been sunny the back doors have been wide open and Savannah has had a whole new world to explore in the garden (which mainly involves messing up the shingle) she has a sandpit and I have ordered some of that jigsaw soft play flooring to put in one area of the garden and make her own.

Being outside means finding all new things to play with and of course, put in her mouth including snails! VOM! Twice she has done that now, well snail shells, there wasn't a snail in either of them but I was still sick in my mouth a little tiny bit. Gross.

Last Saturday we said good bye to my 22 year old sister in law Shelby as she literally left on a jet plane, not knowing when she will be back again....

Early Sunday she jetted off to spend the summer in Ibiza. She was of course a little anxious in the days running up to it but arrived safely with the other girls she had met through booking her trip and on Instagram later that day I saw some lovely beach photos (not jealous) followed later by a glam selfie before she went out for the night. She is going to have the BEST summer! 

Good luck Shelby we will all miss you. Xxx

My blog posts have been pretty sporadic lately (soz!) Simply because I have been working more on freelance work and have been lucky enough to have some freelance work to enjoy. Juggling that and an ill 13 month hasn't been easy so sadly my blog posts have become a little irregular.

Savannah hasn't been well for weeks now on and off with teething and all the symptoms that come with that. She has also had a chest infection and may have hayfever. One morning she woke and one of her eyes was completely swollen shut as though she had been punched! Poor little bub. The doctor felt it could be an allergy or hayfever, it is so hard to know when they are little and can't tell you if something has gone in their eye or whatever. It hasn't happened since and she has outside a lot and so far, seems OK *touch wood*. My hubby is really suffering with it at the mo so my thoughts are that she would be too surely?

Anywhoooo, the freelance work - really exciting! I am putting a portfolio together as I have done a nice amount now to showcase. I am also going to write a book, something I have always wanted to do and would regret it in my old age if I didn't. I am literally at the planning stage at the mo, writing all of the characters, planning the 'bones' of the story and the sub stories. I am so excited as it is a story I have had in my head for about 14 years. I will keep you updated with how it is all going of course - it is going to be tough to keep all of the writing balls in the air; blog, freelance work, writing my book and vlogging but I know I can do it!


  1. So excited for you to write a book! That will be an amazing adventure!
    Also so jealous of your sis in law spending the summer in Ibiza!

    Lola x

    1. So excited for writing my book too hun! Very nervous because I am actually doing it now and it may not work out but at least I will have tried!

      So jealous of her too! A summer in the sun! Ppfffft! :)


  2. So excited to heart that, dear! Wishing you all the very best for your book and the freelance excited to hear more from you in the coming days...keep in touch...


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