Friday, 1 May 2015

SPRING | Time to get outside!

Since the evenings have started getting longer and we have been enjoying gorgeous warm - even hot - days, I have set my sights on getting outdoors and making the garden beautiful. Last year we gave it a good tidy up and accessorised it nicely however there is much more that needs to be done and I am determined to get it completed this Spring just in time for the summer!

First off, I want to paint the decking and beautify the BBQ area with some new seating so hubby and I can chill out on a warm evening while Savannah plays in a little corner of the garden that I am planning to make for her. I can picture it now; the smell of freshly cut grass, the gentle warmth of evening sun and the taste of a cold, crisp dry white wine. Bliss.

That is the biggest project I have in mind for the garden which I plan to do over the coming months. I think I will vlog it too so you can see me turn an ok-ish area into something pretty spesh! (just in case that is the kind of thing you might enjoy...)

For now though and for this coming bank holiday weekend I have just a few simple things in mind to start my garden project off; I want to give it a good tidy up and make it look neat, I also want to get an area at the bottom of the garden that is currently untidy and doing nothing, covered over with some purple slate and decorate it with potted plants. This week I picked up this gorgeous vintage inspired planter which will go perfectly in that area of the garden. I love it! I want mismatched pots and tins and this is perfect for the look I wanted. I am quite tempted to grow herbs in this planter actually, what do you think?

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Also, because I am definitely NOT the most green fingered person out there and do want to cheat a little bit where I can, I picked up this fake plant which I am either going to put with my other potted plants in the previously mentioned area or on the table of the new seating which I will be getting once the BBQ area is complete..... I am undecided at the moment!

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Lastly, I picked up a HUGE essential needed in the garden this summer, I feel it is the most important purchase that I will make for the garden this year: NEW WINE GLASSES! Having 10 relatives over for Christmas dinner last year meant that sadly, some vino glasses were sacrificed and we were left with mismatched sets which is never a good look. Now, I have a beautiful new set of 6 goblets perfect to enjoy in my current seating area on the patio. .I also have this gorgeous boho inspired candle holder to light up once dusk sets in. Perfick!

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Roll on the bank holiday weekend when 'Project: Garden' begins!

Are you planning on any garden improvements this Bank holiday weekend?
Vintage Inspired Apothecary Planter - £6.99
Artificial potted plant - £5.00
Set of 6 wine glasses by Krosno - £9.99
Tea light Candle Holder - OLD but similar still stocked at HomeSense, prices starting from £4.99

This post was written in collaboration with HomeSense, you can read my disclosure policy HERE

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