Monday, 22 June 2015

REVIEW | Casino night in with

I am in no way a gambler; I am the person who has a flutter on the gee gees when it's the Grand National and picks a horse based on it's name rather than odds. However I do enjoy a casino night now and then; you can get glammed up, have a bit of a flutter and enjoy a few drinks.

When I was last in Vegas I really REALLY enjoyed the Roulette tables....the die hard American regulars may not have enjoyed ME as much at first but soon enough I got the hang of it and even won  myself a bit of money. Yay me!

The opportunity to have a roulette night indoors arose and I thought I would give it a go. Being parents now we aren't out every weekend and so entertain more at home and the idea of changing it up a bit and having a casino night sounded like fun!

We invited the neighbours across the road over for a couple of hours of drinks, nibbles and a spin on the table and we had a really good giggle. The table is a decent size but not too big that it is awkward to carry, store or put on our dining table. It is easy to use, well if you know the rules of roulette of course! (actually that didn't matter as the night went on!) 

The best thing was, it was all in the comfort of our own home; we kept the lighting low and had the fairy lights on in the conservatory to create a nice chilled atmosphere. We drank G&T, giggled and enjoyed the evening.

It definitely made a lovely change!

Thank you for the opportunity to host a very different evening.

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