Monday, 1 June 2015

WRITING | Why I now know Carrie Bradshaws life was a lie.

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Cosmopolitan cocktails, designer clothes and shoes, endless taxis and all on the back of ONE small weekly column? Are you sure about that?

Once upon a time I used to think Carrie Bradshaw was living the dream....actually she is living a dream because the more I delve into the world of freelance writing work the more I realise it is just unrealistic that her one column could have supported her financially and funded her expensive social life and wardrobe.
Don't get me wrong, she may have been well paid for it; the newspaper probably made allowances for the fact she needed to go out, find new men and experiences to write about and of course you are also paid for your time and the article itself. However the newspaper would not have funded her lifestyle, she would have got that job because when she was interviewed for it, she fitted the writer profile the paper was looking for for the column.

So lets say she was paid $600 per week? That's $2400 per month. Once you take tax, rent and bills out of that equation there isn't a vast fortune left to spend $475 on a new pair of Manolo's or goodness knows what else on a Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Yes I know I am being cynical. I also know that she did once claim that if she wanted to buy a pair of expensive shoes she made sure she found a way.

Maybe in reality, on the other side of the pond she would be paid a lot more for her article. Maybe her lifestyle IS funded by them to ensure a good article each week.

I doubt it though. Sounds like one big CARRIE on to me. boom boom....


  1. Sex & the City is just one big lie! Haha! That is a fact. I wish I could live that exuberant lifestyle too, but sadly, I am not destined for such things.
    Bee xxx

    1. Me too. I cant believe SATC was lying to me all this time!! Waaaah!! :'( xx

  2. I'm definitely in agreement... There's no way she could have funded her lifestyle by writing one column per week! I always end up questioning TV shows and films, I'm a really annoying person to watch tv with!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

    1. Haha I am exactly the same... i am always like 'that would never happen' or I google actors to see what other stuff I have seen them in hehe! Xx

  3. I'm definitely in agreement

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