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Friday, 31 July 2015

ABOUT ME | 32 Facts to get to know me.

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I am having a little bit a a blog revamp at the mo, nothing major just a few tweaks here and there. The biggest change is coming from me as a social networker and as a blogger. I feel like I have been 'lost' with blogging for so long and have never really known what to write. I enjoy being a lifestyle blogger because, while I enjoy reading other beauty blogs or whatever I am definitely not one myself. Even so, I had lost my way a bit. By chance, I ended up reading a really old post of mine from not long after I first set up this blog and suddenly realised something: yes it was badly written and not even really proof read but it was written from the heart. I was writing as if no one was reading (Actually, I doubt anyone was reading it at the time!). Despite the bad punctuation and odd spelling mistake I enjoyed reading it and went on to read another old post, and another, then another.

"I feel like I have been 'lost' with blogging for so long..."

Recently I have got so worried or concerned or - I don't even know actually, we will say worried - about what people wanted to read about on here or what I *should* be writing that I lost track of why I started this blog in the first place. It is a little place online for me to practice writing, enjoy writing and most importantly, write about what ever the hell I want, how I want and when I want. It is nice to treat it as a diary as I was when I first started off because it feels like much more heartfelt writing and is enjoyable for me to look back on in a few years and remember the odd memory or two I may have otherwise forgotten.

So, in keeping with this new way of thinking I thought you may - after all this time - want to know some (uninteresting) facts about me, your blogger.


1) I am left handed.
2) I use my right hand a lot too, in fact I cut with scissors and a knife using my right hand.
3) I used to bleach my hair white and it was so damaged it never grew.
4) I love Topshop. 
5) I have one younger brother (only by 16 months) called Mark who lives in Liverpool with his girlfriend.
6) I also have two step siblings - an older step sister and younger step brother.
7) I have a husband called Patrick, we have been together since 2008 and got married in Kos on the beach in September 2011.
8) We have one child; a daughter called Savannah born March 2014.
9) We also have 2 cheeky house rabbits called Bentley (a boy) and Peaches (a girl).
10) I love clothes and shoes and am a little bit of a shopaholic.
11) I live in Essex.
12) I am blind as a bat without my glasses or contact lenses.
13) I love tea and drink it without milk or sugar.
14) My last meal would be a burger and chips. A decent burger mind, I am a bit of a burger connoisseur what what.
15) My second to last meal would be a pizza.
16) Basically I love food.
17) But I don't love that food love's my tummy and sits there over my jeans.
18) I have a youtube channel.
19) I hate the feeling of velour (is that how you spell it?! the furry fabric stuff).
20) I also hate the sound of a brush, brushing on carpet.....makes my teeth itch.
21) I have 7 tattoos and many more planned!
22) I have an obsession with Yankee Candles.
23) I once had singing lessons.
24) I also attended a drama college and had private drama tuition.
25) I was knocked down by a van when I was a toddler.
26) I have really skinny feet and ankles. I hate my feet.
27) I also have skinny, lanky hands and fingers. Decent nose pickers at least.
28) I went to the same junior school as Dougie Poynter from McFly. He was 2 years below me.
29) I love going to London for random days out.
30) I love history, I am actually a bit of a history geek. 
31) I know diddly squat about how to edit stuff on this blog so my brother is my I.T. department :)
32) I really don't like pastry, especially on savoury things. I can eat it in dessert form but it isn't my first choice.


  1. Yes, write about whatever YOU want to write about! I can't believe you used to bleach your hair though! It looks so healthy and glossy now. PS. These are my favourite kinds of posts to read - I find them so interesting.. and I'm a tad nosy haha ;) x

    1. I do too so wondered why I had never done one before! I guess I (again) was worrying whether people would find it interesting or not but hey ho! Glad you enjoyed hun and thanks for your lovely tweet :) xx


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