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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Essex, Fashion, fbloggers, clothes launch, Margie & Doll, Boutique,
Margie & Doll founder Nikki Da Costa-Smith

On Thursday 11th June, I attended the launch of a new Essex based clothes boutique called Margie & Doll. The launch took place at Chelmsford's Hylands House, a stunning building steeped in history and lots of land made all the more beautiful by the gorgeous summer evening. 

Nikki Da Costa-Smith - who is the founder of Margie & Doll - named the company after her Nan (Margie) and aunt (Doll) who she fondly remembers loved fashion and always looked immaculate, even back in the poverty stricken times of WW2. Family legend has it that Doll borrowed a pair of Margie's favourite shoes without permission and during her night out was caught in an air raid. As Doll hurried to safety she snapped a heel and despite the threat of the Nazi's was more worried about confessing to Margie she had ruined her shoes!

Margie & Doll's story and the two ladies strong love of clothing and fashion appealed to me straight away. Anyone who has followed me for a while now or knows me personally will know how much I love clothes. It isn't just about being up to date with trends for me though, it is about creating new outfits and looks, showcasing your personality and making yourself feel good. Something I think Margie & Doll believed too. 

"Despite the threat of the Nazi's Doll was more worried about confessing to Margie she had ruined her shoes!"

Nikki has obviously inherited her Nan and aunt's passion for fashion too and is now using that love to her advantage. Whilst working in a high end boutique, Nikki began to wonder 'Shouldn't everyone have same shopping experience?' After speaking with family and friends, Nikki discovered that many women felt the same; they wanted to wear lovely clothes or something a little bit unique but wouldn't pay the prices found in high end boutiques.This inspired her to create Margie & Doll and allow women to buy beautiful clothes and accessories in the comfort of their own home. 

Nikki wanted to keep her prices affordable so researched many individual brands, looking for clothing that was appealing but at affordable high street prices. Margie & Doll now stock a variety of brands including Pink Flame and Traffic people to name just a couple. It is Nikki's belief that looking good doesn't have to cost a lot of money and is something that the brand Margie & Doll sticks by.

Nikki comments: Im delighted to be launching Margie & Doll and I have every confidence that itll be successful. What could be better than shopping the latest trends whilst surrounded by friends and a bottle of wine in the comfort of your own home?  Margie & Doll loved to party so I know that by combining two of their favourite things theyd of been very happy ladies! I cant wait to bring style to women and help them to make excellent fashion choices at high-street prices.

Essex, Fashion, fbloggers, clothes launch, Margie & Doll, Boutique,

Essex, Fashion, fbloggers, clothes launch, Margie & Doll, Boutique,
Some of the beautiful clothing showcased on launch night.

The launch was a great evening. I loved that the clothes Margie and Doll sells appeals to a broad spectrum of tastes. There were trendy items, classic items, sexy items, funky items; something to suit everyone. I like to think of my dress sense as fashionable but with my own style that I hark back to year in, year out and the clothing appealed to my many tastes. I saw lot's of floral and colour in the form of holiday wear and beach cover  ups, bang on trend fringing and classic wardrobe staples you could wear over and over such as shirts and midi dresses. My favourite item of the night was the tiger stripe print bomber; so cool and a  totally different take on what usually is a casual coat. It gave it a whole new sense of glamour!

My mum came along with me to the event and has a completely different sense of style to me.I am a bit more rock n roll, scruffy chic, boho and she is very classic and elegant. Mum still loves trends and will buy fashionable items but overall likes to buy clothes that will transition season to season. She too, felt there was a good selection of clothes in the range perfect for all tastes and age ranges.

"I loved that the clothes Margie and Doll sells appeals to a broad spectrum of tastes."

Overall, the launch was a successful evening and Nikki has selected a great range of brands for Margie & Doll. She obviously has a natural eye for picking out clothes and not letting her own tastes influence her choices which is why Margie & Doll is already doing so well. I wish her the very best of luck!

Margie & Doll ‘Trunk Shows’ can be held at homes or places of work, to book a show please visit www.margieanddoll.com/pages/show. Margie & Doll have two separate incentives, if you host a party at your home Margie & Doll can offer you 10% off the total value of the sales taken from the event to credit your own order. Alternatively Margie & Doll can donate 10% of all sales to your chosen charity, so customers can enjoy a social occasion that also raises money for a good cause. 

Essex, Fashion, fbloggers, clothes launch, Margie & Doll, Boutique,
After Party purchases.

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