Thursday, 9 July 2015

FASHION | Current Wish list SS15.

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RIVER ISLAND: Top - Gladiator Sandals £30, Bottom Right - Playsuit £20, Bottom left - Feather necklace £30

Above are three of my most wanted items from River Island. I had my holiday in mind when I was browsing and think this combo would look perfect on a hot evening while out having dinner somewhere. I love love LOVE the playsuit and think it is a bargain at £20! Such a stylish way to keep cool and the bold print screams SUNSHINE! I keep lusting after the gladiator sandals too. Soooo nice and bang on trend for SS15.

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TOPSHOP: Top Left - Fringed top £32, Top Right - Denim Pinafore £32, Bottom Right - Bardot tie top £24, Bottom Left  -MOM jeans £40

As always I have been browsing online at Topshop (aka the mother ship!) and they have so many items of clothing that I love and want right now! This fringed top would be perfect for holiday or a casual day out somewhere as would the tie strap bardot top. The denim pinafore dress is something I have wanted for a long long time, a couple of years actually and now it is at the top of my wish list. I have some great ideas on how I would style this up coming into Autumn (don't worry I am not thinking of the A word too much yet!) and feel it is a great piece to have tucked away in the wardrobe. As for the MOM jeans well, I had a pair not long after having Savannah and as I lost weight they got too big. I still love the look though and while at first I thought they were just a trend item that would fade I think they're fast becoming a staple piece. 

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