Sunday, 5 July 2015

LIFE | A quick update.

Heeeey (said in a silly annoying way whilst waving my hand) How is everyone?

Been a while since I did a life update but if you read my last life update then you will know why! I thought I would give you another little summary of what has been going on on Planet Nicki since we last spoke so make sure you have a cuppa....or half a cuppa as this will probably be brief. Truth is I haven't been up to too much exciting really! I have been doing a few exciting bloggy things and you will see some reviews pop up on here over the next couple of weeks (mainly food based! Yay!) So please be sure to stop by and have a read. I have also been arranging a little Essex Blogger get together at Cafe Rouge in Loughton as I was invited to their reopening a few weeks back but couldn't make it and when the lovely Siobhan (who had originally emailed me) suggested a few of us bloggers go along to review the new menu and venue I couldn't really say no could I? I will of course blog and vlog that later in the month.

For some reason my Imovie is playing up on my mac and keeps crashing so I haven't been able to upload any new YouTube vids lately which is SO ANNOYING because I had been really organised and edited a few weeks worth of videos to get myself organised. I am planning on getting that sorted this week if it continues to happen again. Wish me luck!

In other news, we have booked out first family holiday!! Yay! a family resort in Majorca. It looks so lovely and also has a spa so I am of course planning on booking myself a treatment or two when I get there! I can't wait and have been planning my holiday wardrobe (naturally) I actually picked Savannah up the cutest sandals in Aldi of all places today for her holiday wardrobe so am most pleased about them.

Talking of clothes, I am actually thinking of starting a second YT channel about fashion for ladies on their 30's. What do we think about that? I love love LOOOOVE clothes and don't think that it matters whether you are in your 20's 30's or even 80's, if you love lcothes then you should enjoy them. Regardless of shape or size. There have been lots of times I have been 'too scared' to wear certain items of clothing just because I was worried if someone may comment or something like that and look back now and think 'WHY'? The older I get the less I care and just wear what I want to. I am not the skinniest person but I am no way fat. I finally feel like I am realising that after always hankering after after a figure I didn't have. I am learning now to embrace what god gave me. I would always look at the bits I hated and get so upset. I am not exerating when I say I spent a lot of days seriously self loathing. But I don't want to be that person anymore and I don't want Savannah to be that way. Jesus there are so many worse things going on in the world than me having a paunchy tum. So, I kind of want to embrace this new found 'don't give a shit' attitude and enjoy fashion in my thirties b ut also inspire other who may think they're too old / short / fat / thin / tall to wear what they want.

Any ideas on this new channel and what people would want to see are very warmly welcomed! I am thinking of doing a holiday lookbook or haul and also a denim lookbook as I seem to have accrued a lot of new denim purchases recently. Oh, and a 'wardrobe staples' guide.

I need to get my mac sorted first though I guess!

Take care and speak soon xx

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