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Friday, 17 July 2015

MOTHERHOOD | Never ending house work.

Once upon a time there was a girl who would plug her headphones in and leisurely do housework whilst (badly) shaking what her mother gave her. She dusted, scrubbed, polished, hoovered cob webs, pulled furniture away from walls and made sure everywhere was sorted.

Then she became a mother.

There is no easy way to balance motherhood and housework is there? Working mothers (and fathers, I don't want to leave you guys out either) you have my admiration on your juggling skills because even though I am freelancing, I am still predominantly a mum and some days I still go to bed with toys strewn across the living room. My first priority is Savannah and making sure she is OK, fed, hydrated, not bored or not strangling one of the rabbits. I like to take her out most days too whether it is to the park or to feed the ducks and when she naps I work. Next is the never ending pile of washing I seem to have. No matter how much I do more appears and if I have a day off from doing it I regret it big time! Next is the house which gets tidied about four times a day because of the mountains of toys that seem to breed and grow. I clean the kitchen every morning while making breakfast then again when making dinner. Things like cobwebs just don't get dealt with. Nooks and cranny's remain a little dustier than normal for longer than normal and my theory tends to now be if you're not in danger of stepping on a toy when you walk through then it's a good day.

A little while ago, I received an email that caught my attention; Did I want to review a new local cleaning service? UMMMM YES PLEASE. My prayers had been answered.

Fantastic Services, cleaning, London, Essex,

Fantastic Services are a London based company who aim to take care of the boring home stuff for you so you are free to enjoy the fun things in life. They offer a broad spectrum of services such as cleaning, DIY and gardening, even pest control! 

You have a telephone conversation beforehand to discuss how big your house is and if there are any rooms or areas in particular you would like them to focus on so they can ensure the best possible experience. I wanted the conservatory floor to have a good clean as I only ever give it a quick go over with a flash wipe! The doors are also usually grubby most days due to sticky paw prints from a certain young madam.

When the cleaners arrived one of them asked to be shown around the house and for me to advise if there were any special requirements. He was also sweet enough to say my house was already pretty clean! (Mega brownie points bonus received).

I took Savannah for a walk to the shops for about an hour and a half as the clean would take a maximum of two hours and he advised to be back before they finished to make sure I was happy with everything.
When I arrived home and opened the front door, I was immediately hit with a fresh, clean smell. The carpet was fluffy adorned with vacuum lines, cushions were plumped and neat, dust and cobwebs were gone and patio doors were sparkly with no mucky finger prints in sight.

I was shown around the house to see if all was satisfactory and it was. It was lovely to go out for a walk and come back to a clean house without having to lift a finger.

Thank you very much Fantastic Services for the Spring Clean! 
If you are interested in finding out more information on Fantastic Services and just what they have to offer, please visit their website.


  1. Oh lord, what I would do for a service like this at the moment. My house is a tip. I don't feel like o ever have time to do anything. It seems all your prayers were answered, I hope someone's listening to mine, hahahaha!
    Bee xxx

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