Wednesday, 5 August 2015

COMEDY | My name is Nicki and I am obsessed with Impractical Jokers.

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Have you seen this TV show yet? I bloody love it.

For those of you who haven't heard of it; it features four lifelong friends who have to perform embarrassing tasks in public set by the others. They can win or lose each round of dares (depending if they pass up on the challenge or if they do not fulfil the task) and the one with the most losses at the end performs a public punishment which they cannot pass up on.

For example: they're working at a drive thru and have their friends telling them what to say and do through an earpiece. Cue a hamburger slingshot, coughing and spluttering through the tannoy while taking an order and asking to stroke a customers moustache. The point of this challenge is after all of that, they need to receive a tip from the unsuspecting member of the public or they lose.

Totes hilair.

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Comedy Central are going a bit Impractical Joker rerun cray at the mo if you want to have a watch and see what you think. They are building up to airing the new season IT'S COMING SOOOOOOOOON.

I love silliness and this is SILLY. What works is that they are friends from high school and know each other inside out. They know how to embarass each other and silly facts about each other or they have old embarrassing photo's of each other they can dig out and use to their advantage.

I truly belly laugh at these guys despite the fact I have watched them again and again. My husband has actually banned me from watching it while he is at home. THE CHEEK!

The comedy troupe are called The Tenderloins and have been making online sketch shows via YouTube for years now (which are worth a watch too!) The troupe consist of James 'Murr' Murray, Brian 'Q' Quinn, Salvatore 'Sal' Vulcano and Joe Gatto. I can't ever decide who is my favourite, they all are! It varies from each episode.

Defo give this show a watch if you haven't seen it before. Also don't judge it on the british version which is nowhere near as good. Soz, but it just isn't. These guys have just got 'it'.

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  1. I am completely OBSESSED with this programme! It makes me laugh cry!

    1. It makes me cry too! I can't get enough of it. So so funny!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Impractical Jokers - I only have freeview but the boyfriend has Comedy Central and I am in fits of giggles watching it.


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