Monday, 24 August 2015

FOOD | Essex Bloggers at Cafe Rouge, Loughton.

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A few weeks ago now us Essex Bloggers were invited along to Cafe Rouge on Loughton High Street to have a catch up and sample their new menu.

If you haven't visited a Cafe Rouge before then - as the name gives away - it is a french themed restaurant and the Loughton branch certainly had a rustic, french theme to the decor which was lovely especially as it was a beautiful day and because of the open front to the cafe, it felt bright and airy inside the venue.

The staff were very attentive and friendly and the menu looked delicious! We all found it really hard to make a decision on what to order. In the end I opted for the 'Poulet Breton' -  'Roast chicken supreme with mushrooms, courgettes, leeks, herb wine sauce and mustard mashed potato' It was absolutely divine! The chicken was juicy and succulent, the sauce was amazing and the mustard mash, well, any dish that has mustard mash as a side is a winner in my books and it was perfectly flavoured and creamy too. Delish!

Essex, Loughton, Cafe Rouge, Menu, Review, bloggers, fdbloggers, Poulet Breton, chicken,

We all had a really lovely afternoon chattering away about all things bloggy and eating delicious food. Before we knew it we had been there a couple of hours and were needing to head home!

I had only ever eaten at a Cafe Rouge once before this and that was about seven years ago! I am not sure why I haven't eaten at one since especially when, with one at Intu Lakeside, there is one practically on my doorstep but because of the lovely lunch I had here and how good the other girls dishes looked, I know I will make sure I make I don't leave it so long until next time!

If you want to see a little bit more, I also vlogged the afternoon and you can watch that now by clicking below!

Thank you Cafe Rouge, Loughton for having us!

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