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My latest Yankee candle purchases.

In January I did a Yankee Candle Haul over on my YouTube channel which proved to be extremely popular and as we are already over half through the year (HOW??) I feel I am overdue another Yankee splurge (and haul!). In the meantime though, I thought I would share with you two very recent Yankee purchases to give you a little taster while I decide what scents I want to purchase for AW15.

This is a new scent for me but I have high hopes! It is fresh, juicy and slightly zesty; perfect for summer. I have found that no matter how much I want to light my candles of an evening, summer doesn't always seem the most suitable season to enjoy a Yankee candle, especially if the sun's out. I am most likely to be outside or out somewhere enjoying it and not indoors sniffing summery smelling candles no matter how nice they are. I am not bothered by this AT ALL though as it just means I have more candles to enjoy when the weather starts to get cooler. Plus, as we have recently been enduring, crap weather can still occur even in July, so what better thing to do on a rainy day than light a delicious candle and snuggle on the sofa? 

As you will know if you saw my vlog, I was bought the tea light version of this scent for Christmas last year and absolutely LOVE the fragrance. It is such a fresh and comforting scent (just like fresh laundry) and I really hope the large jar version delivers just as satisfying a smell as the little tea lights have done thus far. If so, this one will definitely become a regular purchase for me.


  1. I smelt the Soft Blanket one the other day - it's so crazy how they can capture a scent like that so perfectly! :) x

    1. I know. I am always amazed by just HOW GOOD Yankee Candles are. Can't wait to try Soft Blanket. I feel like it is going to be a big fave! Xx

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