Monday, 3 August 2015

RECIPE | My banana and blueberry breakfast smoothie.

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I have been wanting to share my favourite breakfast recipe on here for a while now but have been slacking in the blog department sadly so am only just doing so now. This smoothie is easy to make, delicious and healthy. What more could you ask for first thing in the morning? It can also be quickly blended together and taken on the go if you don't allow yourself much time for eating in the morning and even though I have this at around 6.30 - 7am, I find it feels me up until lunchtime (with the help of a small healthy snack at about 10.30).

I've seen various versions of this kind of smoothie online and feel this version works best for me because it isn't overloaded with fruit and therefore isn't overloaded with sugar (even too much natural sugar can be bad) plus I just love the texture and consistency; it is thick and filling and feels a bit like a milkshake. The sweetness and creaminess is subtle, just right for my palette and not too overwhelming. It actually feels like a treat breakfast!


1 ripe banana
generous handful of blueberries
2 tbsp of natural yoghurt
half cup porridge oats
enough dairy free milk alternative poured in to cover (I use rice milk but you can obviously use whatever you prefer)

(Please note these measurements are a rough guide as I usually throw everything in and just blend so adjust these measurements if you prefer.)

Now for the method: You just blend everything together. That's it. No magic science behind it, just blend!

My only tip would be I put the stodgier stuff in first i.e. the banana and porridge oats but I doubt that it really makes a difference whatever order you put them in. They all blend together nicely! If it is too thick you may find it will 'set' a bit like porridge does if left for a little while which isn't a problem, just add more dairy free milk and stir then next time make sure either less oats are added or more milk.

All ingredients have their individual health benefits even the yoghurt which has healing qualities. 

I hope you give this a go (if you do let me know your thoughts!) 

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