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Friday, 29 July 2016

LIFE UPDATE | We bought a house!

Hello! I thought that today,  I would talk a bit more about what has been going on in my life over this past year. It feels like 2016 has gone by so quickly doesn't it? Can you believe we are almost in August already? Neither can I. Can I also take a moment and say; what the hell has been going on with all the major celebrity deaths this year too? Shocking! When we entered the new year and Bowie bowed out I didn't think another celeb passing would shock me half as much and then bam! a couple of days later the amazing Alan Rickman passed away and it just spiralled from there. So so sad.


We are nearly entering my favourite time of year! don't get me wrong, I am loving the long summer evenings and warm weather, I am also loving living in my denim shorts and sleeveless tops but if I had to choose my favourite time of year it would always be Autumn hands down. It is my favourite because of our wedding anniversary, Halloween and Bonfire night, as well as the countdown to Christmas. But this year I am looking forward to something so much bigger - moving into our very own house...

As I said in my previous blog post, since I last wrote on here we have moved out of our rented home and are living at my mums because we wanted to clear credit cards, get money together and buy a house. We had joked before about moving to Norfolk because we have family there who we visit regularly and we really like it up there. When we started looking at houses, Patrick had a sneaky look at Norfolk house prices and we couldn't believe how much more you could get for your money. Rather than stretching ourselves financially we could actually buy somewhere big enough for what we wanted  / needed right now and still live comfortably enough. Could we do it though? Patrick is doing really well in his job so wouldn't want to leave and our family and friends are here in Essex. The reality is, where we have chosen to live in Norfolk (Dereham) is an hour and half or so away when the traffic is good. It is by no means the long slog it used to be so for him to commute to work is doable and to visit family and friends for the day is doable, we are not a million miles away. The long and short of it was, the more we thought about it the more it made sense and the more we really wanted to move there. We love the countryside, the lifestyle, the people and just can't wait to call Norfolk home. It does feel really weird to think the life I am living every day now will end and we will start again somewhere else, in completely new county but I don't feel sad about it because I know I will still see my family and I know I will still see the friends I love and see a lot of now.I am excited for the future!

The house we have bought is a three bed detached and it is due for completion September / October time. The outside is complete and they are now working on the inside. We have had our 'options meeting' to discuss fixtures and fittings which got us all the more excited about moving in because we LOVE what we chose. It kind of just seems surreal at the moment, I don't know if it feels like that anyway when buying a house because sometimes there can be quite a time scale between making an offer and moving in, but for us despite buying bits and bobs as we go along and picking fixtures and fittings it doesn't seem real that we are going to move into that house we keep visiting. That that building site that is gated off with half built houses will one day be our road, the place we call home and that brings familiarity and comfort. 

As I say, I have been buying lots of things for the house and I am going to go back to filming for my YouTube channel as I really want to spread the word on how to feel better when suffering mental health issues and think some stuff is just so much easier to talk about on film rather than trying to write the correct terminology on here. As and when I go back to it I think I will do a HUUGE home ware haul too as I really want to vlog our move so we have the memories all captured on film for us to relive whenever we want to.

I do love watching home ware hauls on YouTube at the moment though so am excited to make one! Here are some of the ideas I have had regarding decorating / furnishing the house so far:

Above left, is an idea for the living room, although we don't want to put shelves up like that (or not that many anyway, if we do) but I like the idea of her having her own little corner with a table and chairs and storage for the toys she is currently playing with downstairs as well as a place for her books. Her own little corner. I don't like lots of toys everywhere so they tend to mainly live upstairs in her bedroom but of course, some end up staying downstairs so as long as there is a proper place for them I don't mind. 

Above right is an idea on how the bedroom will look. I love the monochrome look at the moment and have bought new bedding and stuff for the walls to coincide with it. Patrick loves the look too so I am also currently browsing the internet for black and white blinds as the majority of the room will be white. One of the best things about having a black and white bedroom is it actually doesn't cost that much to do! win win! (I have even bought us black and white initial mugs like the one in this photo to have our Saturday morning lay in cuppa's with.....if we ever get a lay in!)

Bottom right is an idea for the living room, we are both agreed that we want to keep everything light and modern and minimal for now and then see where the mood takes us with regards to decorating once we have lived there for a while. I really love silver and grey at the moment and we both want a grey sofa which is a start. I think I have seen a nice set of side tables too. The main thing we want is to create the illusion of lots of space so I don't want to fill the living room with lots of furniture. The third bedroom is going to be an office so there will be a place for all of our paperwork to keep it neatly tucked away. we both want the living room to be a nice, calm, relaxing place with NO CLUTTER.

Below left is an idea for bathroom storage as we won't have an airing cupboard and will need a place to store towels. We have an en suite so the family bathroom will only need a few towels in it and will be mainly used for Savannah's bath time. I love the idea of perhaps rolling the towels up and then having a few ornaments or candles either side, not making it too cluttered but making it look pretty.

This idea board is for the office where I will do my writing and we will file any paperwork we have (we are pretty much paperless with everything but of course you always end up with stuff!) I love the workstation which is £90 from Ikea and the matching storage unit for putting our documents and any photos / ornaments on. I also love this chair! and want the faux sheepskin rug to drape over it. We will also get a sofa bed for the office eventually for when people stay over, we just need to get a sofa for the living room first!

What do you think of my ideas so far?
Let me know if you would like me to do a video of what I have bought for the house over on YouTube!

Big love xx

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  1. Woah, my best congrats to you with this brand new house Nicki!) And it looks so fancy outside, wish it would be the perfect place for you guys :D Me either entered my first house owned by myself recently, so now almost month passed and there is still so many work do! I can barely that I know for sure how I would to design my game room on second floor, but whatever I HAVE MY OWN HOUSE!!!)) Although it was such a challenge for me to move all of my stuff here, but glad that I found this website with the best professional movers near me https://topqualitymoving.com/areas-served/ and everything was here at the same day I moved myself, so it took not so many time to say goodbye to my old appartment. So, when are you guys going to move in?)


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