Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Today's entry is a day later than I was intending it to be but oh well! This week is already running away from me. Monday was a busy day as one of my closest friends got married and Savannah was a flower girl. It was a lovely day and Savannah loved wearing her princess dress and dancing the night away in the evening.

There isn't too much else to report since last week, I have had a pretty good week. I have been over thinking a lot less, still exercising and have been going out a lot more, both with Savannah in the daytime and with friends in my own time. Sunday was a really nice day because it was hot and Savannah enjoyed playing in her paddling pool all day so I got the chance to chill out in the garden as well as play with her.

Mental note: laying in the sunshine with a clear mind is really good for the soul.

I am so pleased I have kept up the exercise and most importantly, when I really haven't felt like going out I still have. Getting up and going is definitely the hardest part. On Sunday night I really didn't fancy power walking after my chilled out day but convinced myself to go thinking I would just do a couple of miles and be so pleased I had made the effort. I ended up doing 4 miles because I was enjoying being out so much. Last night I went to another exercise class which was hard work! but hard work that I enjoyed. I seriously cannot believe how much I am enjoying exercise. I have NEVER enjoyed exercise.....EVER.

I was the girl who never turned up to P.E. in school because I hated it and always felt awkward and unfit and that I couldn't do it. I have never stuck with any kind of exercise because I have either gotten bored or said it was 'too hard' and I couldn't do it. The thing is though, the first class you attend or the first time you go out and exercise IS hard but it is the hardest the exercise will ever be, each and every time you work out it will get that bit easier. If you think less about it and actually enjoy it for what it is you will surprise yourself too. I have.

I know this phrase gets used a lot but it really is the truth -

'If I can do it, anybody can'

Overall, this has been a good week. I don't think I have had any points where I have felt particularly low or anything like that. If I am honest, I feel shattered this morning, not sure why, so I feel like I need to round this blog post up because otherwise I am just going to write a load of crap! I can't even remember what I have done over this past week either, that is how little my brain is functioning! Not sure if I am still tired from having a long day Monday as I intended to have an early night last night but ended up having another late one. Maybe I am not as rock n roll as I once was and two late nights on the trot have finished me off.

I have a pile of washing to work my way through and a daughter to entertain today too so need to get my butt in gear.

Until next time...

Lots of love! xx

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