Saturday, 6 August 2016

WELLBEING | Happiness is....

....NOT looking like a bag lady.

This week I have been mainly sporting the crazy bag / cat lady look. Seriously, it hasn't been pretty.

Think this lady:

And you kind of get my drift. 

We all know what it's like; you have busy days full of going out with your child(ren) or going to work and umpteen chores or jobs in between and making yourself look half decent doesn't always fall into that plan. Some daily tasks just have to be sacrificed and make up and brushing my hair is sometimes one of them (I'm joking about not brushing my hair.....OK I'm not) 

The thing is, after a week of feeling like I looked like a tramp because I was trying to fit in play dates, phone calls, washing, writing, chores and wiping my nose I realised it really has an effect on how I feel. One odd scruffy day and that's fine, I'm not bothered and I embrace it but by the fifth day I feel as though I may as well have a beard and no teeth. I am in no way dressing or putting make up on for anyone else especially strangers but sometimes it really does make YOU feel a hell of a lot better in yourself. 

So, on Friday I made an actual effort. Nothing too OTT just hair done nicely (well, down, washed and straightened) a bit of mascara and brows on fleek and  I felt much better than I had done on Thursday when I took the car to Ford's with what I can only describe as a ball of out of control, frizzy, wire wool on my head. 

Lesson learnt. Sometimes scruffy chic isn't that cute.

Happy Weekend everyone! lots of love x

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