Thursday, 23 March 2017

LIFE | Savannah Turned Three.

My darling Savannah, I really cannot believe it but on 15 March you turned three years old. THREE. Where did those three years go? Other parents weren't kidding when they told me to absorb every moment because it goes so fast. I feel as though the older you are getting the quicker it is going. Suddenly your clothes look much larger and you make such grown up observations and comments. I can have full on conversations with you now and you really make me laugh.

You boss daddy about and enjoy dressing up in all of the various costumes in your dress up box. You love to play 'mummies and daddies' with your friend Skye at school and love being a mummy to your baby dollies which is just adorable to observe. You have such a big heart and kind soul but you are feisty and know your own mind too which I admire..

You want to learn to do things yourself and can do a hell of a lot yourself now. Just this morning you put your socks on yourself for the first time with no problem You love bringing your chair to the worktop in the kitchen and help me while I prep dinner. You also pretty much pour your own cereal and milk in the mornings (I still have to assist or the bowl would overflow!) You can get yourself undressed quite well, maybe struggling just a bit with tops and can get yourself out of your car seat now once you're unbuckled. You don't seem to be mastering tidying away all of your toys when asked though oddly....

I love how much you love the bunnies and how you wrap Peaches up with your blanket when she is asleep in the middle of the living room. You enjoy feeding them and stopping them chewing things they shouldn't be if mummy doesn't see them.

You were absolutely spoilt by your family and friends on your birthday and rightly so, I know you bring happiness to so many. Your bedroom is crammed to the rafters with toys despite the fact I went through there the week before and collected up toys for charity that you no longer played with.

I really hope you enjoyed your day and enjoyed beating mummy at ten pin bowling. I really hope you enjoyed your party with family and your beautiful birthday cake.

I hope you realise just how much you're loved and how proud we are of the gorgeous little girl you are growing into. Even if mummy does moan more now because you don't want to eat vegetables, only chocolate and refuse to let me brush your hair (and sometimes your teeth) or even if mummy is rushing us because we should have left the house ten minutes ago, it doesn't mean I don't love you with ever fibre of my being. I even love the drama deep down. OK, DEEP deep down.

Happy Third Birthday beautiful Savannah. He is to the next 12 months. Here is to watching you grow and learn even more.


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