Thursday, 9 March 2017

LIFE UPDATE MARCH 17 | Where the Bloody Hell Have I Been?!


Long time no type. I really didn't expect to have such a long break from bloogging in fact I had wanted to really throw myself back into it in 2017 but obviously I have already failed for nearly the first quarter of the year.

A few little life hurdles got in the way but everything is getting back to normal again now (fingers crossed) so I am back to it.

In January I had to have a last minute operation on my eye after learning I had a detached retina! I had been seeing a weird light in my eye so decided it best to get it checked out with my Optometrist and they advised me to go straight to Moorfields A&E in London. They confirmed what my Optometrist feared; a detached retina and I was back in the next morning for surgery! The recovery for the first week was a bit hard going as I had to lay in certain positions all day and night to assist with healing. My mother in law came to stay which really helped me out a hell of a lot!

I finally got discharged from Moorfields this week and everything is healing nicely. I can also finally wear my contact lenses again after two months - yay!

WAITING FOR SURGERY: Hubby and me at Moorfields

Also, sadly, my husband got made redundant last month! As you can imagine it was all so very stressful but because he is amazing in his position and industry he had some brilliant job offers and a couple of interviews and literally one week to the hour (pretty much) of him being made redundant he accepted a new job role which he is really enjoying.

I am a huge believer in things happening for a reason, even if it doesn't seem clear at that moment in time. Sometimes life can be so stressful and times can be so trying but for all the terrible times we have we do have good ones too. As a new years resolution my family and I agreed we would all get a jar and write a note to put in it every time something good happened. Even if it was something silly, if it made us happy then we could write it down and put it in the jar then, on new years eve we open the jar and read all of the notes to remind ourselves of all the good things that have occurred over the last twelve months. Despite a little bit of a wobbly start to the year our jar already has quite a few notes in it, proving already that even when shitty stuff happens, good stuff does too. This jar idea is something I plan to do every year now. I kind of want to make it a family tradition and when Savannah is old enough to understand she can add her own notes too.

My jar of good things.
I hope everyone is well - I am back writing on my HuffPost Blog plus I am very VERY excited that my mental health blog is very nearly ready to go live thanks to my talented brother. I have also been asked to contribute to an awesome website called The Ambitionist. Please check it out, it is such a good website!

Hope all my lovely readers are well and I hope you are getting ready for Spring, I know I am!

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