Tuesday, 4 April 2017

LIFE UPDATE | Poorly Bunny.

Urine / Bladder infection in rabbits

On Sunday, I noticed one of my bunnies seemed to be leaving some kind of urine marks on the carpet, once I figured out which one it was I decided to keep an eye on him but as the day went on, I noticed it was happening a lot.

Yesterday morning he was off of his food and appeared to shake sometimes and squeak. Never, in the five years he has been alive has he ever made any noise so I knew something was wrong. I was literally going through my phone book in order to call the vet when I noticed a print of urine from where he had been sitting had blood in it. I panicked. I have never had a pet before, he is my first one and so have never had to frantically try and book a vet appointment before. I have never had to deal with the worry of a sick animal and whether or not I would have to make decisions on his treatments or whether or not we could even afford them should they turn out to be costly.

Obviously, despite my imagination running wild I didn't want to get ahead of myself. As hard as it was.

Luckily, he could be seen within the hour and thankfully, it wasn't anything as serious as what I was imagining in my head. He does have a serious bladder infection which means yes, he is in pain and he has to have medicine (have you ever tried to give an anxious rabbit medicine orally? it's bloody hard work) but hopefully within a day or two he will be feeling a lot better.

I hate that he couldn't tell me what was wrong and to those people without pets it may seem silly that I am writing about my rabbit but yesterday, I was really scared that I was going to lose him. He has had no health issues and is good as gold when it comes to going to the loo in his litter tray so I knew it was odd he was leaving patches everywhere and not running around as much. Let's hope that now we know what is wrong with him he can get better really quickly.

In case you are a rabbit owner and want to know the signs of a bladder infection, mine had the following:

- Not eating or drinking
- Not as active
- Shaking slightly
- Squeaking
- Urine soaked tail
- Leaving patches of urine where he had been sitting  / laying
- Blood in urine

Get well soon Bentley x

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