Friday, 27 April 2018

JEWELLERY | The Penny Laine Company Silver Bracelets

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Last year I treated myself to some new jewellery, something I haven't done in years! My friend was gifted personalised bracelets from her hubby for her 30th birthday back in 2005 and ever since I first saw them I knew I wanted to have some made for myself too.

When I started earning my own money again last year the first thing I did was contact the very lovely and very talented Karen aka The Penny Laine Company and put my order in.

I knew I wanted a cluster of bracelets and I knew I wanted a skull charm. I also decided on a feather charm too as I just love feathers and that they tend to represent courage, bravery, freedom and many other positive things.

I have had my bracelets for a year now and am still as pleased with them as the day they arrived. Not only that Karen is an absolute dream to liaise with; friendly, attentive and lovely she is everything you would want when ordering something as personal as jewellery.

I have stupidly tiny wrists so my bracelets needed to be smaller and even though Karen made my set smaller than the norm they were still too big (I seriously have wrists the size of a child). That wasn't a problem though as I was able to send them back and have them adjusted free of charge and returned in no time ready to wear and fitting my stupidly small wrists perfectly.

I had wanted bracelets for a long time, a good few years in fact and didn't quite know what I wanted until I saw my friends.

I absolutely love them so much that I have actually ordered two more bracelets through Karen for two separate relatives milestone birthdays and would happily order for a relative or close friend again.

The Penny Laine Company is based in the Thurrock area of Essex but she will post out to anywhere so if you fancy treating yourself then get in touch! They are made from sterling silver but won't break the bank. She doesn't just make bracelets either so be sure to check her out.

(NB - a little game for you, read this post again and have a shot every time you read the word bracelets!! XD)

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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