Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Sunday Lunch at The Mermaid Inn

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This weekend my mum and stepdad came to visit as we had a 30th birthday party to attend on the Saturday and needed a babysitter.

The next day we ventured out for a roast on what was a gloriously sunny Sunday. When my family last visited they had gone to have dinner at a pub called the Mermaid Inn in a little tiny village called Elsing and raved about how lovely the food was. I have been dying to find a little village pub that does good food and - better yet - a lovely Sunday roast because when it comes to a Sunday dinner I am a huge fusspot.

I know how I like my roast and how I want everything cooked so I set the bar really high. Because of this I am not a fan of eating roasts at a chain establishments such a Toby Carvery (soz) or pubs in a chain because I feel that generally they're not very good (see? fusspot).

There is a pub near us that does a frankly shitty carvery but it is cheap and cheerful so we go now and then firstly because it is nice to go out sometimes and even if you haven't much spare cash you can easily buy three dinners and drinks for about twenty quid. Secondly because sometimes I don't want to cook.

Saying that the last time we went it really was crap and we haven't been back since!

Now though we may not ever have to because on Sunday I found my new roast dinner haven. The Mermaid Inn serves freshly cooked roasts between 12-2pm on a Sunday and boy oh boy are they good.

When we turned up we were greeted by a waft of roast dinner cooking as we got out of our cars and made our way over to the entrance. It reminded me of being a kid and smelling all of those yummy smells coming out of the kitchen at home when you're so hungry. The staff were friendly and attentive and the pub is a typical village pub on the inside. Exactly what you would want from a village pub in fact; brick fire place, cream walls with wood beams, wooden tables and carpeted floors.

Mum and me shared a lovely bottle of sauvignon blanc and the boys both sampled a beer each. After eating a ridiculously yummy pork belly roast (with crackling) I finished off with a chocolate ice cream sundae. Food heaven personified.

Whatsmore, when I got home I had a nice little cosy post food nap in the armchair while Savannah played outside and Patrick watched football. If that isn't a perfect Sunday then I don't know what is!

If you are ever in Norfolk and near Elsing I would recommend The Mermaid Inn. We will most definitely be back and if Patrick is ever home from work at a decent hour and we can, we would happily drive there for a nice evening meal too.

A traditional roast is £6.95 or £9.95 if you add on a pudding which I think is a brilliant price for what you get. The nap after is optional and, in my opinion, priceless!

Mermaid Inn, Elsing, Norfolk, Nicki Kinickie, Family time, Pub Lunch, Food Review, Sunday Roast,

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