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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Girly Weekend in Spain.

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Sol Timor, Torremolinos, Spain, Benalmadena, Holiday, Girly Weekend, Break, Nicki Kinickie

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely break in Benalmadena, Spain with two of my closest friends. It has been so long since we have done something together so we were very overdue a catch up. For once though it was a proper break as appose to just an evening which meant we had plenty of time to catch up on EVERYTHING without rushing and talking over each other and we also spared our poor husbands ears.

Having four nights together (we stayed at a hotel near the airport Thursday evening because of having an early flight) meant we had plenty of time to catch up, gossip, reminisce, talk about current affairs and everything in between. All while enjoying the sea and harbour surroundings of Benalmadena, eating yummy food, enjoying cocktails, reading our books and relaxing by the pool.

We had a view of the sea from our balcony and even though the apartment itself was very basic it was clean and big enough that we didn't feel on top of each other and had everything we needed. Each room was a decent size including the kitchen and bathroom and the beds were comfortable. We walked up to Lidl on our first day (which was less than five minutes) to buy food and bits for the room (mainly booze) and in the late afternoon took advantage of the fact we could relax on the balcony in the sun whilst looking at the sea in between getting ready.

Even though we know the plonk is cheap in Spain we still couldn't get over it when we looked at prices. A big bottle of sangria was 99 cents in Lidl and the vodka my friend Michelle usually buys was under a fiver when usually it is a bout £10. A glass of decent Rioja with dinner was €3.50 and at the Irish bar opposite our hotel the cocktails (which were HUGE) were €6.50. Yum.

How we weren't more shitfaced I don't know.

It felt longer than just a weekend, I think because nothing was rushed; we just took our time and enjoyed our surroundings, were never looking at the time and enjoyed the moment. We didn't have any little people vying for our attention nor did we have to be thinking about starting dinner soon or cleaning the toilet. I felt thoroughly spoilt eating out every day and being able to have a cocktail whenever I fancied. Being able to laze by the pool and shut my eyes or read my book uninterrupted. HEAVEN.

(I have been on holiday before believe it or not but it has been a long while since it was child free)

I absolutely loved Benalmadena. The beaches were lovely, the harbour was stunning and vibrant and full of lots of great places to eat and drink. I would most definitely go there again. We ate at a fantastic restaurant called Metro on Friday night for Michelle's birthday which had been earlier in the week and I had the best breaded mushrooms I think I have ever had (and I have eaten A LOT of breaded mushrooms). The waiters were attentive, funny and friendly and as we had reserved beforehand we had a table with an amazing view of the harbour. On our last day we ate a leisurely lunch, went for a stroll, ate ice cream and went on a boat ride (we were sold when we were told all drinks on board were a euro each).

I didn't actually realise how relaxed and disconnected I felt until I got back to reality. Thanks girls for a lovely break; it was nice to spend my weekend in fits of giggles and silliness, drink naughty drinks and eat delicious food. It was also lovely to have a few days where my biggest worry was 'will I get a nap today'.

Things learnt from this weekend:

- Don't buy fake Nikes for your toddler daughter from the 'looky looky' man when you're pissed and can't remember her exact shoe size.
- Most of the time a burger will soak up your hangover  - but not always.
- Limencello shots are not that nice.
- A €3.50 glass of Rioja will still get you drunk, especially the fourth glass.

Sol Timor Apartments
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Mulligans, Torrelmolinos, Benalmadena, Spain, Irish Bar, Cocktails, Friends, Girly Weekend, Nicki Kinickie,

Metro, Benalmadena, Harbour, Dinner, Girly Weekend, Friends, Nicki Kinickie,

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