Wednesday, 16 May 2018

LIFE || Family Time.

When you envision a nice little family day out, or look at photos of other peoples family days out online or even see adverts featuring families all enjoying a day out together, they're usually all laughing and hugging (if it is an advert then it's usually in slow motion) and look as though they all adore one another's company and have never once had a crossed word.

We all know real life isn't like that.

Even though a family walk is one of our absolute favourite things to do and we always have a lovely time when we go, getting out of the front door can seem like a massive pain in the arse. I sometimes even get to a point where I question if it is worth going (I have just one child too, I doth my cap to those of you with more). Savannah, who never wants to stay in, always wants to be out and tells me she is bored if she  has a day indoors had decided on Saturday (while I was waving her shoes and socks at her) she didn't want to go anywhere.

A few huffs and puffs (from all of us) later and I was bundling out of the door, snacks in hand and with a daughter now happy to go for a walk due to the prospect she may see butterflies and also got to wear her new denim jacket (kids eh? Fickle beings).

We went to Taverham Mill fishery which we have visited before but as Savannah was smaller we didn't do the full trail which is about half an hour (well, it's a bit longer when you have a four year old in tow). The weather was just right for the walk; not too hot or cold and we all had a lovely time being out in the fresh air, spotting the animals and wildlife, admiring the different trees and plants and playing pooh sticks whenever we walked over a river.

Savannah was extremely proud that she managed the entire trail without having to be carried (although she did ask several times) and once we were back at the beginning we grabbed a drink and an ice cream and spent half an hour in the park before having to make tracks because it started to spot with rain.

Back home we had some down time before I made us a yummy taco dinner feast. To avoid slipping into a food coma we took Savannah out for another walk so she could practice on her scooter before running her a nice warm bubble bath before bed. It doesn't sound like the most adventurous of Saturdays or the most amazing but sometimes the simple days are the best ones. The ones that you will remember.

I adore going for walks, it is one of my favourite things to do and doesn't have to cost much, if anything. Kids don't need lots of money spent on them to have a lovely time. Savannah enjoyed picking bluebells and seeing the bulls in the field just as much as she enjoys costly play dates at soft play. I can't wait for the next one.

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