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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

We Got Matching Tattoos in Spain!

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Following on from my post about our girly weekend in Benelamdena, I wanted to write about how we ended up all getting matching tattoos on the Saturday.

Now before you roll your eyes or scoff we were not pissed, we did not randomly end up in a tattoo parlour at 3am, kebab in hand demanding to be inked. This story does not end with us having random tattoos of each others names or our favourite drink from the weekend or 'Benalmadena 2018' tattooed on our bum cheeks. In fact this story is disappointingly sensible I'm afraid. I had been thinking for a while before we flew out to Spain that I fancied getting a tattoo while we were there.

I did a bit of research and came across a tattoo studio called 'Red Dog Tattoos' and upon going through the photos on their Facebook page I instantly got in touch and they were so friendly, helpful and professional that I knew I had made the right choice.

For a while I had liked the idea of getting a simple 'Libra' star sign symbol on my arm but also liked the idea of a simple heart outline tattoo too. I shared my ideas with Susanna (who I was messaging) and she advised they charged a minimum of €40 per customer and as mine were small, if I wanted both it would be just €45. A price I couldn't argue with.

One night when having drinks with my friend Michelle (one of the two girls I was going away with) I mentioned my booking and to my shock / amusement she piped up and said she fancied getting one.

Now I say 'to my shock' because Michelle had just turned 41 and never shown an interest in tattoos ever, she is probably the most uninterested person in tattoos I know and I know my mum. When she said she also liked the idea of the heart outline and about maybe getting it on her ankle I was excited.

Later on our WhatsApp group chat I mentioned it to Nicola (our other friend who was coming) and asked if she fancied getting a heart tattoo too so we were all matching.  She replied with excitement explaining she had been considering a tattoo for a while but wasn't sure what she would want to get however a heart outline had been one of the designs.

The decision had been made. It was meant to be.

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I was so excited; we were going away on our first proper girly break abroad and each get a matching tattoo to mark it. Whats more we all wanted it in a different place on our body which not only meant it made each one personal to ourselves but also represented that we are not very often in the same place at the same time but when we are, we are all the same. Yep, Puke inducingly soppy I know but I love a bit of soppiness and tattoos should have a meaning behind them in my view. Even if it is simply that you really like the design.

The whole experience was really fun. Nicola was full of excitement at getting her first tattoo (she actually got a second small one like me too) Nic is a curious soul that wants to experience something to know what it feels like, even if she knows it is meant to hurt. She is excited to experience childbirth so I knew I didn't need to worry about her. However Michy, having been (hilariously) hungover earlier in the day but luckily recovered enough to resemble a human by the time we needed to leave for our appointment was feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Mainly how much it would hurt especially as she had felt rough earlier. There were times I was expecting her to make out she needed to go outside and use her phone and then disappear down the street to the nearest bar and lay in wait for us to be done. Nic even vetoed going second so Michy could go after me in case she felt like chickening out.

Susanna got on well with all three of us and was great, especially with Michelle as she was anxious. She was funny and friendly and professional. The Red Dog studio itself was everything you would expect from a tattoo studio but also felt light and airy. Obviously it was also clean and sanitary.

Nic got her heart tattoo on her wrist, Michy's was on her ankle and mine was behind my ear. Nic also got the semi colon mental health awareness tattoo behind her ear and I got my libra symbol on my arm. I too have often thought about getting the semi colon tattoo but am still undecided where I want it. I know one day I will, it's just a case of where.

If you are ever in Benalmadena and want to get a souvenir tattoo too I would recommend Red Dog. The man himself was doing a spectacular lion piece half sleeve on a girls arm while we were there and it was stunning. STUNNING.

They are on Facebook if you fancy a look at their work.

All three of us are really happy with our tattoos. Not just with the design but that they symbolise our friendship and the memory of getting them done together on a special holiday.

Thanks girls for being the most amazing friends I could ask for. X

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Semi Colon tattoo, libra symbol tattoo, girls with ink, spain, benalmadena, holiday, girls weekend,

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