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New Baby Gift Ideas For The Clueless.

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I was inspired to write this having suddenly realised I seem to be surrounded by a lot of pregnant women once again. In fact one of my close friends and Patrick's cousin (who, coincidentally now live next door to each other) are both due in the Autumn about two weeks apart (which makes it easy for visiting when both babies are here)

Obviously I know I am a mum myself but once upon a time I wasn't and when I wasn't I was very clueless. I didn't have any babies in my family at all (well not ones I saw a lot of) I had never really held a baby or changed a nappy and so when it came to buying a gift for friends that started procreating I really didn't have a scooby doo.

Now I am a mum I have more of a scooby doo so figured that seeing as I am a bit more qualified to know what new parents want or find useful and I know how frustrating it is to want to buy a meaningful present but be stuck for ideas, I wanted to help.

So here are my suggestions:


My friend bought me a gift bag full of essentials when I was near my due date and honestly, despite all of the beautiful gifts I got and am grateful for this one always sticks out. It was SO helpful. I was clueless about what was needed and while buying pretty outfits or cuddly toys are fun and lovely, no parents can ever have too many essentials. I appreciated it so much that I actually now do the same; every parent who has had a baby since has had a bag of essentials whether it is big or small. So what essentials should you get? well I am glad you asked.

I tend to go for the following:

first toothbrush / toothpaste
first bowl / cup / cutlery / plate
colic drops
teething gel / teething rings
nappy rash barrier cream and treatment
infant olbas oil

Obviously you don't have to buy all of those as they can add up to quite a bit. Work out your budget and then go from there but anything that new parents need all of the time (such as wipes or barrier cream) or may need in the middle of the night without thinking of it (like teething gel or infacol) they will be eternally grateful for you buying them. It may seem like a boring gift but honestly new parents will appreciate it a lot. A LOT.


If you don't like the idea of essentials or still want to get a little something extra then why not an unusual keepsake? Perhaps a personalised set of cutlery for when they're a toddler or a pair of framed booties with their name stitched on?

I recommend checking out websites such as My First Years or The White Company for inspiration.

Be sure to go for something non traditional to avoid the risk of doubling up on gifts. If they are born near a holiday such as Easter, Christmas or Halloween why not get a keepsake to represent that.


Another great idea is getting the new baby membership to a baby friendly club in their area. Or if you have a close enough relationship with the new mum to treat the older sibling to membership at a local adventure park or club and them not be offended it isn't directed at the new baby, this is the perfect gift that keeps on giving! Babies are almost always free entry and it means the parents have somewhere they can take the older sibling to keep them entertained that is prepaid for. Perfect for when money is tight. Also check out local new mum clubs or mum and baby groups to see if you can do something similar or buy gift vouchers.


If you are thinking of buying a combination of gifts, another great idea is to buy something for the parents too. Has the new mum been dying for a glass of prosecco for the last four months? Is the dad into craft beer? You can spend as little or as much as you want to from a spa stay on Secret Escapes to food and drink subscriptions from Not on the High Street, there is an array to choose from. If you want to keep the cost down why not a box of personalised cupcakes or even a bar of their favourite chocolate and a DVD copy of their favourite film, anything that says you were thinking of them will be appreciated.


If you have your heart set on buying clothes or toys then why not think ahead and buy them an outfit for when they're much older? Most people buy new born to six months so think ahead to what season it will be when they're one or even 18 months and buy something for then. Items such as coats are nice to buy and helpful for if the weather turns chilly before the parents have had a chance to go out and buy one. Toys - especially educational toys - are another great gift idea for when they're that bit older too.


Failing all of the above, why not give them cash towards what they need or if you feel that is impersonal (although no one is ever unhappy with cash!) then opt for a gift voucher. You could pick a childrens clothes store or toy shop or vouchers towards a family day out.

I really hope this list helps and if you are about to welcome a special new baby into the world then congratulations and enjoy every moment!

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