Friday, 4 May 2018

Outfit of The Week

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As a mum I don't get much opportunity in the week to get super dressed up but as I am a fashion lover I have two sayings I live by when it comes to my wardrobe and they are:

'Dress like you're going somewhere better later'


'If you die today, what you're wearing will forever be your ghost outfit. Choose wisely.'

I particularly like the second although knowing my luck I will probably die in a household accident with a greasy mum bun wearing jogging bottoms and a scruffy old t-shirt clutching the steam cleaner.

Anyway, I thought it a nice idea to do a weekly blog post picking out my favourite outfit from said week. It means I will take time at least once a week to actually make the most of my wardrobe and put together a nice outfit as well as appreciate my existing wardrobe rather than think I have nothing nice to wear.

Today I am going to go with an old outfit choice from a while ago.

This outfit I wore for a visit to my friends in Essex a couple of weeks ago but I actually wear this combo quite a lot now as I love it. It is like a modern version of the t-shirt / dress outfit combo that was so popular in the nineties. The t-shirt is a plain white tee from ASOS for £6 (and I had accumulated a £5 voucher when I bought it, hashtag winning) and the dress is from Topshop. I bought the dress last year so they don't stock this exact one anymore however I have left links below to similar items.

Oh, the boots are Topshop too. I am also looking forward to wearing this look in the warmer weather with some chunky mules.

What do you think of this look?

P.S. I post lots of outfit pics on Instagram. I am crap at posing and making shots look pretty and aesthetically pleasing and don't have tons of money to buy new clothes each week but if you still fancy giving me a follow find me @NickiKinickie (please)

Links to similar dresses:

TOPSHOP nude midi dress £12

TOPSHOP Black Slinky Camisole Midi by Club L £15

NEW LOOK Black Ribbed Midi Bodycon Dress £14.99

NEW LOOK Grey Ribbed Strappy Midi Dress £12.99

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