Thursday, 24 May 2018

Outfit of the Week || Striped Drape Midi Dress

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I bought this dress online from Topshop at Christmas, in fact I ordered it Christmas day while chilling out in the evening with a belly of full of festive food. I had seen it previously and wanted to order it for our nephews christening in January.

This selfie is actually me trying it on to see how it looked for said occasion but because I have been wearing it again recently and I took away to Spain to wear for our main meal out on the Friday night I wanted to share it. (I didn't get a decent photo of me wearing it while away).

It looks great with boots (as I am obviously wearing it above) as well as court shoes, sandal shoes, mules and I am sure pumps would look great too. It isn't just versatile but comfy and flattering too (skims my body without clinging!). It is also loose and airy but still looks glam.

A winner in my book.

It is also STILL AVAILABLE. Hurrah!

Topshop Draped Striped Midi Dress £34

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