Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Blog Update || Changes Going Forward

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If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will know I recently put up a few polls asking those of you who read my blog regularly what you would like to read about going forward. There are lots of different topics that I would like to write about on here but I wanted to make sure they're topics that people wish to read about.

The great thing about having a personal blog like this is that I can write about whatever I like however I do still want to ensure that I am writing stuff people want to read about and not just talking to a giant black hole in the internet.

Anyway, from the results I got it seems people want to see exactly what I have been writing and am wanting to write in the future, which is great! That includes more family  / lifestyle posts, differences between living in Essex and living in Norfolk (and what we love about Norfolk so far) as well as OOTD and fashion posts (yay! so glad people said that as they are my fave!).

I also asked if I should keep my mental health posts on a separate blog as I currently do too. You may or may not be aware but I do have a sister blog called Headcase where I write about everything mental health related. I don't promote it much and don't always update it, I keep it as more of a diary for myself; a place to write my thoughts and opinions on mental health topics and also (hopefully) a self help catalogue for other people who find themselves suffering.

I was pleased to find the results showed that I shouldn't keep them on a separate blog. I was secretly pleased because I like to have all of my (personal) work / blogs in one place. I will still keep Headcase and update it with topics that I think are only suitable to that blog, I will also add onto there any mental health related blog posts I put on here so all my mental health stuff is in one place should anyone want to refer to it.

But, moving forward, I will put everything I want to talk about on this blog. After all it is my lifestyle blog and mental health is part of my life as well as many other peoples so it seems strange not to include stuff about it on here.

So that's it really. Not a majorly groundbreaking change to the way I have written on this blog in fact, no change at all really but as I have neglected it a bit over this past year or so for other projects I felt I had lost my way with it a bit and now that I want to return to it, I want to know what everyone wants to read!

Thanks to all those who voted. Means a lot! X

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