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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Savannahs Last Day at Nursery.

I can't believe it is that time already but last week Savannah left nursery for the final time.

I remember when she broke up for the Christmas holidays at the end of last year and thinking how it was her last Christmas there and that she attends such a lovely little nursery and I will be very sad when her last day comes.

Suddenly it is 7 months later (how quickly is this year going by the way??) it is now nearly the end of July 2018 and my little girl has just left her nursery for the last time. She is officially starting school this September and is so excited about it, I am really happy for her too because I know she needs the mental stimulation and routine of school. However I do feel I need to step back to reflect and remember this moment because the last four and a half years have gone so bloody fast.

Last Friday Savannah said goodbye to all of the lovely teaching staff at her little nursery which is situated in a cute and quiet little village about ten minutes from here. It was very emotional although I am quite proud that I didn't cry - I surprised myself! Savannah chose to get her key worker Cheryl some chocolates as a thank you / goodbye present which were gratefully received. We also got her a small cuddly teacher owl so she had something to remember Savannah by.

She has been an amazing key worker for Savannah, while I like all of the staff there I am so glad Cheryl was the one who looked after her as she is so fun and free and chatty and bubbly. She is caring and listens and always has time for anyone. I know Savannah will miss her.

I will never forget Savannahs first day at nursery; it was actually at one in Shenfield where we were living in Essex at the time. Savannah has always been older in her temperament for her age as well as quite demanding. She is also always wanting to make friends wherever she goes so when she turned two I knew nursery would be great for her. Even so, on her first morning she still looked so small and of course, like a lot of children she cried and didn't want me to leave her. I stayed a few times for a little while, until she got to know the staff and then I started to leave her as soon as it was time to go in so she got used to time away from me. She usually cried and I would walk home crying too, hating seeing my daughter distressed at my leaving. Before long though it got easier and she was happy to stay there on her own.

She was only at that nursery for around three or four months as we moved to Norfolk in the September and she started at her new nursery in the following October. I don't know whether she just liked the feel of this nursery more than her other (I know I did) or it was just that she was a bit older now but she took to this place so much easier, I never had to stay and never really had that much of a problem leaving her there. It has now gotten to the point where I drop her off and she darts off without remembering to give me a kiss or even say goodbye these days!

She has gained so much from nursery and really enjoys learning, taking part in different activities, making new friends and playing and exploring. She has grown so much in her time there especially since the beginning of this year. She is an amazing little girl.

Just like that it has been 27 months since she first started nursery. 27 months...gone in the blink of an eye.

I have really enjoyed watching her grow and learn to leave me behind and have her own space and time with other children and adults. I have also really enjoyed hearing all about her day, what she has learnt and who she has played with as well as receiving the hundreds of drawings and paintings she has done for me.

I am sad that this chapter is over with so quickly and that after this summer I won't have my little buddy with me during the working week anymore but I am really excited for the next chapter and what it will bring for her.

For now though, let's enjoy the summer holidays!

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