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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

LIFE || Beach walks and Fish and Chips.

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The weather has been so glorious lately that it seems wrong to be stuck indoors. I am relishing being outside every day and will be very sad when this amazing warm spell comes to end. That being said though we are running out of clothes because I am not home to wash them so I probably need to go back there at some point actually.

Family weekends are my favourite but while it's nice to chill out indoors or have a 'family movie night' I much prefer going out and about and exploring the glorious county we now live in.

The other weekend we decided to venture up to the north Norfolk coast and have a nice long stroll through one or two of the coastal villages as well as a beach walk.

First off we visited Cley - next  - the Sea and did plan on parking up at the beach and having a stroll there however our lack of change to pay for parking put paid to that idea so we made our way down the road to Blakeney instead. We have very quickly learnt that if there is a village hall (which there is in most places) they tend to offer free public parking so when we spotted one we took advantage! I'm not sure if this is the case everywhere in England but if it is I am baffled that I have managed to go 33 years without knowing this small but useful fact.


Blakeney, Norfolk, Coast, Visit, Tourist, Places to go in Norfolk, Beaches in Norfolk, lifestyle blog,

We parked up and walked through the cute village streets down to the Quay. There were tons of fishing boats and even boat trips you can prebook (we plan on doing that very soon) there were also some stunning looking houses that equally had stunning views overlooking the waterfront.

After buying and devouring an ice cream we had a nice walk along the quayside before slowly making our way back to the car (via the fishmonger as Patrick wanted the seafood mix he had seen in the window when we first walked past).

After that we drove to our favourite stop; Wells - next - the - sea where we had a lovely long (if not tiring) stroll along the glorious and huge white sanded beach before heading through the woods to make our way back to the car.

Savannah absolutely LOVES the beach and is always in her element there, running along and playing in the sand. It's heartwarming to watch her.

Blakeney, Norfolk, Coast, Visit, Tourist, Places to go in Norfolk, Beaches in Norfolk, lifestyle blog,

We didn't get to Wells and until gone 5pm and there were huge queues out of the door of both the fish and chip restaurants further down the seafront. We hoped that they would have disappeared by the time we looked to go there at quarter to seven but alas they were actually even longer.

Because of this we went on a bit of a wild goose chase to find the next nearest fish and chip shop to eat at and eventually ended up at a cute and quirky restaurant called Erics which is located between Thornham and Holme - next - the -Sea. By the time we ordered our food it was 7.30 and I did wonder if Savannah would even want to eat but all that walking obviously made her hungry because she devoured most of her hefty portion of cod bites and chips.

Blakeney, Norfolk, Coast, Visit, Tourist, Places to go in Norfolk, Beaches in Norfolk, lifestyle blog,

The food was delicious, the decor was funky and we were really happy we stumbled upon it. We did decide however that it was one of those places we would talk about to others and say we had really enjoyed the food but would never end up visiting again simply because we had found it by chance. Two days later we had already forgotten how we got there.

If you are ever having a drive along the coast though and are near the Thornham / Holme - next - the - Sea area I recommend looking out for Erics. I also recommend to anyone that hasn't visited the north Norfolk coast to do so immediately, your soul will thank you for it.

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