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How to Entertain The Kids on a Limited Budget.

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Savannah is now at an age where she gets bored easily and needs constant entertaining. As much as I don't want to imagine that she starts school at the end of the summer, she is certainly ready for it.

We are currently saving for various things so money is tight which means I can't always take her on extravagant days out every single week. Days out can be really costly even with just one child and adult so even if we had the cash spare I would still look for alternative ways of passing the time.

Entertaining the kids and making memories doesn't have to always cost a lot anyway. Here are some of my tips for entertaining kids for very little (or no) money:


Go for a long walk, bike ride, to the beach or to the park. All of these are not only great for learning (while out you can point out plants, animals, colours etc) but also a great way to use up energy. Most importantly of all the children are out in the fresh air and exercising. Savannah loves the park and we can sometimes be over there for a couple of hours without even realising it. We also tend to pack a picnic to take over there and make an afternoon of it.


We are lucky to have a little cinema near us that regularly does 'kids club' offers on children's films that have been running for a while where tickets are just £1.50 each. That means for all three of us to go to the cinema costs just £4.50! Even if you have a drink each and Savannah has a snack it still only works out costing around £15 maximum which is a huge saving when it comes to going to the movies.
Our local soft play has reduced entry costs on a Monday too; whereas it would usually be £4.95 it is just £1.95. Savannah is aware that she is only allowed one treat when we go to soft play too as well as a slushy (this mainly stems from me not wanting her to overindulge but has worked in my favour) If I have a coffee or two the cost is still easily no more than £10 and Savannah loves soft play. We can easily be there for three or four hours.
Be sure to look at whats on around you and then see if they do family deals or one day a week where they cut the price. It is well worth it!


Baking with the kids costs next to nothing and they absolutely love being involved and making yummy treats (nearly as much as they love eating them!). The same goes with cooking dinner, get them involved as they will enjoy partaking in what they consider a 'grown up' activity. If you're not the best baker then you can buy easy cupcake bake kits from supermarkets however be warned, they are laoded with sugar. My advice would be to find easy recipes on YouTube and go from there. I am by no means a pro but, as I tell Savannah, practice makes perfect.


Savannah loves making things (mainly a mess) one the easiest ways I can keep her entertained is by making sure I always have a tub of pencils and tons of paper handy. She loves sticker books and cutting up paper and card. She also loves the wipeable books that teach children to write which of course is brilliant because they're learning at the same time. There is a great product called paint station which has non spill paint and also products like aquabeads are not only creative and educational (you have to follow a pattern to make up your bead creation) they don't run the risk of ruining furniture as they use just water to stick together. Sometimes I just cut out shapes for Savannah to stick onto paper and she has tons of fun. It really doesn't take much for their imagination to get flowing.


I don't mind Savannah watching TV, after all some of my fondest memories of childhood are the cartoons I watched however I am always mindful that I don't want her sitting in front of it all day (unless it is for the first time in a long time or she is unwell) Saying that, there is nothing better than family film time. Curtains closed, snacks, drinks and cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket. It is an easy, relaxing and VERY cheap way to spend time together.


Think easter egg hunt and you get the idea, you could make up a fun treasure hunt for your little one(s) to do around the house and garden that not only gets them thinking and working as a tram it is also lots of fun. Best of all, what the treasure is is up to you! It can be chocolate or small toys (which can be bought from poundland)

Please let me know if you have any great - and cheap - ways that you entertain your family!

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