Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Struggle is REAL! Trying to be a Mum Boss and Mother.

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Right now I have been neglecting my freelance work for two reasons. Both reasons involve Savannah but they are two different reasons:

Firstly because we are on the countdown now until she starts school in September so I am making the most of having her at home with me while I still can. It is so weird to think that once this time is over, it's over!

Secondly because MY GOD does my daughter need stimulating. Now I know why most people bang out a couple of kids close together; they can entertain each other!

Savannah is at me all the time to do stuff with her; entertain her, play with her, create with her and she just hates being at home. That being said I am thoroughly enjoying spending every day doing stuff with her, concentrating on just her and making the most of the time we have together (especially as I know it isn't for much longer) but it does mean my freelance work has fallen by the wayside. Which I hate because not only do I wanna earn some money but I also wanna keep on working towards my ultimate goal of working professionally as a writer.

If I keep dipping in and out of social media -  aka the best possible way to promote your brand and business - I will never expand my followers or readership and never progress. Sad but true.

At the moment I am really struggling to find a balance and am admiring the hell out of successful mamma bloggers and general business women that are working hard and making their brand a big success.

I know I need to REALLY up my game and make more effort in order to achieve my goals.

I realise it will be much easier once Savannah has started school, I will have that time to myself five days a week to get projects done and find new work. I will also be able to take on a bigger work load too. Right now on the days Savannah is at nursery I struggle to fit everything in from housework to washing to work to food shopping to catching up with friends to ringing and catching up with family in Essex.

I know, first world problems right?

I try not to let it get me down too much and if I'm very honest, I also know that I could be doing a lot more to juggle this busy time better such as getting up earlier to fit work in before Savannah wakes up or working of an evening once she is in bed (for some reason I hate doing it of an evening but need to shake out of that.)

The whole point of writing this post though is to say to all the other mammas out there, whatever your situation, that it is OK to sometimes feel as though you can't cope and it is OK to sometimes feel like the days are hard. It is OK to sometimes feel as though you're not getting it right or your child is a little shit bag. It is also OK to feel as though your needs aren't being met and you are just running around after everyone else. It is OK to feel tired and stressed and sometimes look in the mirror and wonder who that neglected, tired frumpy looking woman is looking back at you.

You are not alone nor are you a failure.

And if you are a bad ass mum slaying the business world with a new venture all by yourself while juggling family life too then hats off to ya girl. It's bloody hard work and anyone that thinks working from home with a child or children is an easy option needs to try it for a week! They will soon see how bloody stressful it is.

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