Thursday, 2 August 2018

Favourite Places in Norfolk || The Barsham Arms, East Barsham.

Barsham Arms, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pub Review,

I have been wanting to write about this place for a long time now. Since moving to Norfolk we have visited this pub - which is about 25 minutes drive away from us - several times. In fact whenever we have visitors up for the weekend we tend to take them there we like it that much.

Our most recent drive there was the first time we have visited on a beautiful hot sunny day, every other time it has been the deep depths of winter or miserable rainy days. They had recently opened their 'hidden garden' out the back which we took advantage of (until the annoying little flies got too much).

Barsham Arms, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pub Review,

Barsham Arms, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pub Review,
What we love about this pub is the decor and cosy welcoming feel. In the winter it has a roaring fire with chairs adorned with blankets for you to cosy up with. There are also lots of quirky ornaments and touches to the decor as well as games and a cute little restaurant hidden away in a nook.

The staff are attentive and friendly too. Despite how many times we have visited we are still yet to eat there which is frankly shocking as every time we pop in the food smells immense and the menu looks divine. We only ever end up popping in there though and it's always before they start serving food.

Barsham Arms, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pub Review,
We have said we must make a point of going there for dinner in the next couple of months so once we have I will update my review of The Barsham Arms but for now, will say that we really enjoy visiting this rustic and characterful pub for a drink with visiting friends and family.

If you are ever visiting that part of Norfolk I would recommend you popping in.

Barsham Arms, Fakenham, Norfolk, Pub Review,

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