Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Birthday Weekend 2018: Burgers and Pumpkins.

Another 365 days around the sun has passed and another birthday has come and gone.

Every passing year feels as though it goes quickly but I really feel the time between turning 33 and turning 34 has been the fastest yet.

My day started off perfectly thanks to Savannah waking me up with birthday kisses and cuddles, she then took me downstairs where she had made me breakfast (well, poured my granola into a bowl and drowned it with milk) She has such a kind heart bless her and I appreciated the effort she made to make me feel special and loved on my birthday.

To celebrate this year I indulged in my favourite past time ever: SHOPPING. We went into Norwich on what was a beautifully sunny day and had a mooch around the shops followed by a delicious late lunch at Byron followed for more mooching (shopping). If you love burgers and haven't been to a Byron restaurant yet I recommend you stop what you're doing and go right now.

I treated myself to two new Mac lipsticks ('Relentlessly Red' and 'Please me' in case you're interested) and a new outfit from Topshop. Savannah continually referred to me as the 'birthday girl', insisting on holding my hand because it was 'my day'. She made me feel incredibly special.

Patrick works nights at the moment so left ours around 7pm and once Savannah was asleep in bed I decided to indulge in some 'me time' reading trashy mags left over form my girly time away the weekend before and watching rom coms Heaven.

Any day that involves me buying clothes and lipstick and eating burgers is always going to be a good one!

On Sunday we went pumpkin picking at Undley Pumpkin Patch. Savannah was so excited about going that she had been counting down the days. We picked two big pumpkins and some accessories to decorate them with (glow in the dark scary teeth) then Savannah enjoyed the attractions like the inflatables and face painting.

After pumpkin picking fun we went to my in laws for dinner. When we arrived they had 'Happy Birthday' by Stevie Wonder blaring out and we were greeted with a beautifully set table and delicious home made birthday cake (and some more presents!). We ate a delicious tapas feast followed by said cake.

Yep, so far being 34 is pretty good! I just can't believe how grown up that number sounds. Nor can I believe how much quicker this decade is going compared to my twenties... next year I am in my MID THIRTIES.

Even though I don't believe in getting scared by age and feel it truly is just a number (and one we can't control) the thought of being in my mid thirties scares the shit out of me just a tad.

But I have another 12 months before I need to worry about that eventuality....

Happy birthday to me!

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