Thursday, 11 October 2018

Is It Acceptable To Be Constantly Late?

I saw this subject being debated on TV recently and it got me thinking.

I have friends who are always on time and I have friends who are always late. I have friends who are in between. I would also class myself as an inbetweener on the lateness scale too; sometimes I can be late and a poor time keeper, although I am never normally more than five or ten minutes late. However, mostly I am usually on time and I am definitely on time (if not early) when it really matters like for appointments or work or school pick ups.

Lateness generally doesn't bother me. I find that most people tend to text and let you know they're running late, it's only if I am expecting someone at a certain time and they don't turn up or get in touch to let me know they will be late that I get a bit pissed off (I'm talking being more than twenty minutes late).

I have a very close friend who can be extremely late, I'm talking like an hour or sometimes more (she knows who she is!) but while this can be frustrating, she is an amazing friend and will always be there no matter what even if it is later than you expect. Nowadays it doesn't bother me too much because I have adjusted how I react regarding her timekeeping for example I always tell her a much earlier time than I need to so she isn't really that late.

The main point raised arguing why lateness is unacceptable was that it is rude and gives off the impression to the person who is waiting that their time isn't as important as the one who is late.

Whilst I totally appreciate that point of view I definitely don't think someone being late is offensive, infuriating yes, but not offensive. I have never felt that a late person thinks their time is more important than mine (although isn't everyones time most important to themselves?! It's your time after all)  I just think some people are not as good at time management as others. Being someone who falls in between these categories I can totally understand that. If I procrastinate and leave getting ready or doing what I need to until the last minute then I rush, get stressed and am late. If I am organised and get washed, dressed and ready straightaway then I am more likely to be on time if not early.

It's a no brainer really; be organised and be on time.

Some people just aren't that organised though no matter how much they try. It's just the way it is. But I really don't think it is done because that person thinks they or their time is more important and everyone else can just sit around and wait for them.

So in my opinion, yes so long as it isn't for something VERY important it is OK to be a few minutes late now and then or all the time, depending on the person!

Life's too short to be stressing about other peoples poor time management.

What do you think?

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