Tuesday, 16 October 2018

No Piers Morgan, a Papoose is NOT Emasculating.

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Oh dear me, Piers Morgan is once again making headlines this time for belittling film star Daniel Craig who was photographed this week carrying his baby in a papoose.

The 'Good Morning 'Britain' presenter who often criticises millennials for being too easily offended seemed to easily take offence to an item that is not only safe and practical but also extremely comforting for baby too.

Who wouldn't want their baby safe and warm and close to them whilst still having two hands free to get on with every day life?

In this modern world where so many of us are fighting for equality and Morgan himself claims to support feminism and equal rights I am quite shocked (or maybe not) that he has put down Craig for utilising such a practical parenting tool and spending quality time with his child.

Thankfully his tweet mocking Craig spurred on hundreds of dads to reply with photos of themselves holding their babies in papooses.

My point is simply this: Why on earth is a papoose emasculating? What about it suggests it is only suitable for women? This method of carrying children has been used in different cultures and tribes across the world for hundreds of years. It isn't a new fad.

Did I also mention THEY ARE REALLY PRACTICAL??!!

For goodness sake.

I think Piers has found himself on his own with his opinion on this one thankfully. Not for the first time either.

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