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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

What Happened When I Stopped Caring About My Dress Size.

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A couple of months ago during another desperate search for the perfect jeans I suddenly came to a decision.

If I had a pound for every time I have read how dress sizes never equate to the same measurements across the high street I would be rich (or at least able to buy that zebra print New Look jumper I want). Despite knowing this however I still refuse to buy anything above a size 12 unless I want something to fit me oversized.

Because my weight can fluctuate and because years ago I was very overweight I always worry that sizing up means I have put on weight. If I have ever found that my clothes were getting tight I would never ever accept it and buy a bigger size, I would know it was time to cut back on treats and start moving more.

Then a couple of months ago when in the market for a pair of new jeans something clicked: why am I not more concerned with how the clothes I am buying look as appose to the label inside? Why am I so obsessed with a number rather than how comfortable I feel and knowing something looks good on me?

When it came to ordering a pair of Topshop MOM jeans later that week I sized up to a W32 instead of my usual W30 and boy am I pleased I did. In my opinion they are meant to be worn oversized for a slouchier look anyway. I love how this pair look on me plus they are bloody COMFORTABLE and never ever dig in, even when I am suffering my monthly pre menstrual bloat during which I tend to look about 25 weeks pregnant.

I did the same when purchasing a pair of black straight legged jeans a few weeks later.

Size 12 jeans still fit me but because high street jeans tend to be a basic cut and don't take into account everyones different body shapes, from now on I will try different sizes to ensure I look the best I can in what I am buying rather than worrying what size it is.

The other issue I have is that I am a squidgy person whatever my size. I have been under 9st and I have been over 12st and at both weights I have always had bits everywhere that wobble when I move, it is just the way I am made. Unless I am prepared to spend every day in the gym (I'm not) I will always be doughy.

My husband however is the opposite and is solid whether he is in shape or overweight. Nothing wrong with either body type, both are just different.

Because of this, if clothes are too tight they push the squidge elsewhere (which is never going to be flattering is it? I mean even the description isn't flattering) By sizing up and wearing jeans that are looser everything has room to move better and nothing is tight and nothing is digging into my squidge.

It has also made me appreciate my natural shape more and embrace it as appose to trying to cover it up or squeeze it into a fit that just doesn't work for me which has also boosted my confidence no end. I feel really good in my clothes now.

The long and short of this blog post is that size is just a number, don't be dominated by this number and don't be hung up on it. High streets don't care about their sizes being consistent so we shouldn't either, we should just wear what fits and flatters our bodies the most.

Each and every one of us is unique and we should love our bodies for the extraordinary organs they are rather than how they look in a top. I mean how bloody amazing are they after all; They heal themselves, recharge themselves, bear children. They also love unconditionally and can learn new skills at any age. Yep, pretty amazing.

No one is perfect even the people we think are so embrace the body you have and love it for what it is. Trust me you will feel much better for it.

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